Saturday, November 29, 2008

Humans have feelings, animals do to

Before this I have always felt so dissatisfied with the way Malaysia treats animals. There are no strict rules to protect animals.
Now that the government has tightened the rules from a small fine of only RM200, it has now been raised dramatically to RM10, 000 or 6 years jail. Now that there are rules to protect animals, there will be less people torturing animals. We should treat animals like the way we treat humans, because they are living creatures too.
But mostly though, there is one thing that I feel very sorry for, and that is that there isn’t any animal shelter provided for abandoned and stray animals. I hope that an animal shelter would be provided as there are a lot of stray dogs and cats in Taiping too.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

blood jinx

My first blood donation was on 2006 at my secondary school, Hua Lian. I think that was my first and the last time.
I wanted to do it again for the second time on 2007 at my pre-U school, K.E. but I couldn’t pass the blood test. It's not because of I am infected by HIV ok? It’s because I didn’t have enough sleep that time and I was too weak for any donations.
Then, I wanted to try for the 3rd time for I won’t give up because of what happened last time. In the middle of year 2008, I went to Columbia’s opening to join the blood donation. It didn’t work out too cause I had my menses.
Ok, fine. Then I went for 4th time, which is today. And the doc said that I can’t join because of the antibiotic. My freaking sore throat made me take antibiotic and because of that too, I can’t donate any blood!
Why? Why? I just want to donate blood! Why fate has to stop me from donating it?! Why?! Why….y……y….????

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Did i tell any of you guys that i'm a coke fan. I got attracted to the redishness. I guess....... O.O
Some of my coke are given by friends and family.
And dad promise me that he'll find me the coke bottle's container. Hope i can get it asap.
If only i can get a coke frigd, mini coke town, coke basket, coke trak etc. Then i'll be living in heaven.....AHHhhhhh........

Coat Trot

I posted my bag and i was thinking i should post more. Muahahahaha, i love jackets and cardigans. Nat said that i were to be in a cold country, i'll get sick of wearing coats cause that's what happened to him when he was in Aussie.
I don't know about cold country but i know that i like to wear coat whenever i go. But it does not work that well in my tropical hometown. I can only wear it every end of the year because that's when M'sia can get slightly cooling.Slightly as in from 28c to 25c only.
Anyway, it works in cinema. Only sometimes the cooling air is so enjoyable that i forgot to put my coat on, even if i bring.

bag matters

V was telling me to blog about my bag the other days, but i don't know what to write about my bag. so i just upload photos. There are outdated bags, shopping bags, PVCs, handmade bags, school bags, travel bags etc.
I love bags. For me bags have to match with shoes.
I got used to bringing bags out whenever i go, that sometimes if i don't bring bag along with me, i feel vulnerable in front of the public. I'm not sure why but i know that if i don't have a bag with me, i'm gonna make sure that there's at least someone holding my hands. Then i won't feel vulnerable anymore.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

my hero's story

This lil rascal is the most adorable creature in this world. He’s the most amazing thing that could happen to my life.
He used to be so small that in one palm, I can hold 2 puppies his size, thus amazingly so obedient that you can never thought he could turn out into a mischievous critter.
Mum named him midnight because of his coat colour. Since he’s the most amazing thing that happened to me, I decided to name him Midknight because he’s my hero.
Sadly, contrary to heroic name,his health isn't so. Doctors had shown that Midknight has is imprisoned with a life dependency on medication. Knight has genetic skin disease and his joint was not fully developed causing cramps on his leg if he excercises too much. If medication is not administered and, time passes, he's left leg will start shrinking and he will become crippled. As of today, and as we speak, Knight is already using his left leg less and less. His skin disease can not be healed cause even the doctor proclaimed it incurable. Only vitamins and medication can hep suppress the symptoms of this desease.
Such an innocent creature but given such a hard life.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

keoshi's domination

I’ve already shown this Keoshi to V, hoping that my Keoshi will be selected. Well, this has all the required elements.The leaf on its head represents TEA, the body part not including its tentacles is a my phone’s shape which represents SMS. The tentacles represent both LALA and SUSHI because both lala and sushi are similar to seafood. The saying Four eyes in Chinese colloqial language carries the meaning people who wear glasses; and NERDIES wear glasses. ANIME is represented by the entire keoshi which is an animation. Oh and the lil flies behind Keoshi is Keoshoes.

Humans will now face the wrath of the unstoppable enormous mutated creature, for the power of the megalord Keoshi is about to be unleashed.

for more info about Keoshi, kindly visit:

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lil Town with Lil Minds

Okay let’s face it. This is Taiping. It’s a small town and it’s old. I want to talk about this town which I grew up in. a dark side of it. Well everything on this earth has dark sides or setbacks as we all say and know. The last time I had encountered a conservative person wasn’t too long ago. Yes, I repeat conservative. I want to talk about the conservative mentality of this little town, where the residents have a very narrow mindset on various issues, deemed sensitive, and so called inappropriate for speech. These people are an annoying array. They live on obnoxious and outdated traditions, and ponder on many unreasonable moralistic issues not suitable for our time and place.

I have come across many, of the younger generation who have fallen prey to this conservativeness, mainly from the older generation. The younger ones try to flaunt themselves by adding new style in terms of speech, dressing and activities. The conservativeness of the town does not allow that to happen, and constantly criticize these acts. There is a clear line between the open and the closed. My first hand encounter with the brunt of the situation would be an issue may fail to express. It is an issue considered taboo towards many. It is the issue of premarital sex.

Why do some girls act as if they hate sex when it’s so obvious that they do not and they are totally not a virgin? They tell everyone that they are indeed virgin or might even let people know that they are very innocent.

Friends told me that it’s because these girls don’t want to let guys think that they are bitches or sluts or so they said. The more you hide the worst it will get to, and this is what I learned. We don’t need to act as if we are open minded or try to hide it. If one can’t take that we’re not a virgin, let it be.

This is what I face in my hometown where people have their own thoughts. They can not take the fact that someone had sex before marriage. This is what my friend experienced, where she got caught red handed making out with someone and now, her mum thinks that she’s a disgrace and a good for nothing daughter. This thing could have been just talked over if parents can accept the fact. But certainly, parents can’t take it. My friend eventually felt so bad with her mum constantly torturing her mentally that it led her to attempt suicide. What could she do? Nothing, and wait to get tortured…… Why can’t parents accept the fact that their daughters are not a virgin?

But why does it seem fine when they find out their sons, having sex with girls?

Respond to V’s quest

I did some survey and it shows that when it comes to outfit, men are more branded. They care for the quality and also the showing-off part. It’s like those materialistic women.

As we all know, men don’t have much choice like women do. Men can only choose long sleeves or t-shirt, jeans or slacks, flops or shoes. Obviously there’s not much to display. For a girl that is conscious about what she wears, she can show it off by having pretty dresses and make-ups. Even if she does not have branded clothes to put on, she still can looks attractive after dressing herself up, at least.

But guys can’t just put make up on whenever they need something to freshen themselves up. They have to either change a new shirt or……. Urm…. I think they can only change…..

So, V, guys don’t think that men who are obsessed with shoes are gay. All of them do the same thing. It’s just that they don’t have a collection like us because their shoes are too expensive for them to afford that many pairs.

IMHO (meticulous)

‘Can you be more sensitive?’, ‘can you not be that sensitive?’, ‘I want you to be sensitive, not over react!’, ‘why are you so sensitive?’
These are the common arguments that happen in relationships, which are also factors that drive men around. That’s when men start to think that women are complicated. Out of 10 men, 3 men understand the ‘sensitive’ word that women meant. Basically, they don’t even know if they understand what women really want. They are either born with such a gift or influenced by their surroundings.
Some men think that crying is being sensitive. That, however, happens when they get too emotional over every single detail. Men find women hard to please. Some men think that women are just good at expressing their emotional problems while guys just keep it because of their egoism. There are some men who have lots of misunderstandings about women sensitivity, being impractical and affecting the man’s life. Still there are some that succeed in pleasing or understanding women’s needs but the majority are plain failures.
Now, what does ‘sensitive’ in a woman’s understanding mean? Becoming emotional? Being extra meticulous? Or be more complicated? Actually, we girls messed up. Sorry for that, for the ‘sensitive’ they meant is actually being ‘meticulous’.
Let’s say one fine day, Nat and I go for a date. I think that my outfit is nice and Nat thinks that I look great too, but I still want to make sure that I look prefect, so I ask Nat: ”Nat, how do I look?” and he turn his head, takes a look and nods, and says: ” Nice, don’t worry, you look fine.” He turns his head away, and that’s the end of the discussion.
Second day, I think my outfit is nice but Nat thinks that it’s not suitable for me. So, I ask:” Nat, how do I look in my outfit?” He took a look, wrinkled his forehead a lil, hesitated for a second, acted dumb a while, smiled and said:” yeah, you look nice…….” He then turns his head away, took a second look, thinking whether what he said was correct or not.
I communicate with Nat by observing the languages that he uses. These languages include body language, expressions, words, phrases etc of which are also known as the common things that everyone uses in communication. Most women find it easy to know what a guy is up to because they are meticulous. And if she answers you that she doesn’t know what you want or she gives you the innocent face as if she couldn’t understand at all, well, don’t get fooled you men. Out of 10 women, 9 understand what you men want. And that leaves one to be left, and this might be because she’s not exposed to men. Women read men’s language. Men only listen to women’s language.
To find out if these women are the 9 or the only 1 left, you just need to notice their body language, expressions, and every common thing that was stated just now. It is almost like an auxiliary language, where you can know more about things that she really expresses then by just telling you what she has to tell you. Women tend to make everything so complicated because they know men want them; they make it hard for them so that they can’t get them. That’s why guys always get confused with girl’s ‘no!’ Sometimes the cliché ‘no’ might mean ‘yes’ and sometimes ‘no’ really means ‘no’.
Alright, I admit it; women are indeed complicated. They just want to make sure that the guy who wants her is really putting an effort to make that relationship last. Women are serious when it comes to true love. They want to marry the guy they love. So, to make sure that the guy is Mr. Right, they make things hard and hoping their men will treasure them after so much trouble.

Monday, November 10, 2008


I was chatting with V the other day, and I thought that I should blog about my shoes too, since I love shoes so much.

When I was a kid, I didn’t have any flip-flops or sandals. Mum thought that it wasn’t safe to wear revealing shoes because we might hurt our foot. And so, I didn’t have any flops until I was 14 where I got to buy my own flops. That was also because I found out the fact that no one wears shoes to beach. I got used to wearing shoes that I felt so insecure wearing something so revealing. I still remember the first sandals that I ever bought had a bohemian look alike. It lasted only for a few months. The second one was something like the first one too, but this one was expensive from Sembonia. I didn’t even know why I would want to buy a fifty bucks sandal. But this one lasted me for 1 year. My third one was from Bata. This one lasted me a good 18 months before Midknight found out that I bought new flops and he too decided to give me a hand to evacuate my old Bata. My fourth flop didn’t last long too. Midknight got so angry that we left him and went on holiday to KL, that he took revenge on my new flops, mum’s shoes and dad’s 200 bucks shoes. He never bit any shoes before; but I guess he was just really pissed. Anyway, my recent flops which are in the photo cost me 8 bucks and are still looking nice no matter how I abuse it.

There are so many memorable events that happened to me when I wear these shoes, and every pair of shoe has their own different story; which is too much to tell. The important thing is that I love them all.