Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Be Apart

I hope that both my Bestsies are fine. One got a sudden message and that’s it for 3 years of relationship. Everyone was expecting wedding invitation from them actually but…

I was really surprised when she told about it. I thought she was just making fun. She was really surprised too. They’ve been together for 3 year and they’ve always been known as the loveliest couple. Everything looks so perfect…..

The other was more messed up, her feelings were messed up. The guy drove her crazy with his attitude and in the end, she ended it.

The cliché is, both tell me that they’re fine. But I doubt. At least one of them is living near my house now, and I can keep myself updated with her. The other one…I might like white lies but not at this moment.

Monday, March 29, 2010

hang outs

Yesterday after watching ‘how to train your dragon’ which is fantastically cute. Today, we three, me, Sha and Joan had our dinner at the Tops restaurant.

It was pretty ‘fun’. Joanne ordered a cheese toast and Korean vege which I had to feed her the first bite of the toast so that she’ll know that her toast is here cause she was indulging too much of herself into the note. Sha ordered a peanut butter toast, and it was so sticky. Seriously never seen any peanut butter toast which can be this sticky.

I ordered small pot of rice and a bowl of spicy dumpling soup. It was filling. After me and Sha finished our food, only comes Joanne to finish her tasty cheese toast and trying to stuff the Korean vege into her mouth cause it was awful. The vege tasted as in it was soaked into washing powder for days. Like eating Clorox in solid form.

It was so fun that sha and joan only realize the existence of their note...

T.T We’re invisible to each other….

Our night ended at about 10.30 after 'the Gir's' chit chat.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm still concerned about it

Few months ago, I stop talking to one of my ex. I was so upset and yet angry cause of his attitude. I wouldn’t know how it’s going to feel like losing your dad but I’ll do my best to keep the family together. I don’t know if he’s contributing to the family, I don’t know much about him. But I know that if you come back drunk every night, having the life which going to kill you when you’re 50; as a mum, I would feel really upset and helpless.

Yes, true. Life is short, so live it to the max. No one knows why we are here for the sufferings. I don’t even know why am I working so hard for the same routines that must happened to everyone – study, work, get a lot of money, pay for your folks, pay for your kids, contribute to the society once in a while and, die

or the unusual routine, half way through it and, die.

But I am still happy most of the day and grateful every single day. I am living my life to the max with the routine but I did it in my own ways. That’s what makes everything so precious to me, for earning what I’ve been working for.

I did felt really upset when my grandma passed away. I even dreamt about her that I cry because she loves me so much and I didn’t really appreciate it. I was feeling reluctant to visit her when she was still alive but sick, even though she lived near my house that when I lost her, I felt so…… I don’t want this to happen to me anymore.

So what I’m going to do is - treasure all of them so that there’s no regret when you lose them for real.

my love ones

I’ve been working in the same hospital for more than a year. Every single day is just the boring same old working day. I try to cheer myself up sometimes, when I’m really depressed. I know it sounds really pathetic but that’s how it’s going to be when you started working. It’s called the reality.

Well, almost everyone will become depressing like me. That’s why I haven’t been blogging for a long time. Cause it takes time to have something more happening stuffs to show up.

Every day when I go to work, every day I felt I’m becoming – grow up, mature, old…

But when I really feel depressed by the work load, bored by my so well planned days, tired of my family typical arguments, somehow; my friends manage to make me feel better, the best part is, they’re not even trying hard.

They make me feel younger and more energetic when we hang around, that I think I can do that whole day; if I’m not working – no worries.

Even with everydays’ typical argument in my house, my nephew and my dogs will eventually cheer me up; with their silly act and behavior.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

heating up Taiping

Taiping is so hot these days. It's making everyone feeling tired.
Today, as usual, my pups took a nap with my dad at the Afternoon. They too dropped dead on the bed cause of the weather.
It's so cute to see my dad sleeping my them. But i wonder why Midknight just has to leave his hand on my dad's hand