Sunday, March 28, 2010

my love ones

I’ve been working in the same hospital for more than a year. Every single day is just the boring same old working day. I try to cheer myself up sometimes, when I’m really depressed. I know it sounds really pathetic but that’s how it’s going to be when you started working. It’s called the reality.

Well, almost everyone will become depressing like me. That’s why I haven’t been blogging for a long time. Cause it takes time to have something more happening stuffs to show up.

Every day when I go to work, every day I felt I’m becoming – grow up, mature, old…

But when I really feel depressed by the work load, bored by my so well planned days, tired of my family typical arguments, somehow; my friends manage to make me feel better, the best part is, they’re not even trying hard.

They make me feel younger and more energetic when we hang around, that I think I can do that whole day; if I’m not working – no worries.

Even with everydays’ typical argument in my house, my nephew and my dogs will eventually cheer me up; with their silly act and behavior.


shirley said...

so, last time you ask me take xanthus back KL is a wrong decision lo...

emma [chan] Amarante said...

nono. it is still your responsibility to take care of your son