Saturday, December 13, 2008

a Women's Whisper

I had been always told that no men could understand a women’s pain. I thought I really understood that, but that was until my sis gave birth to her first child. Of course I didn’t get why she was so scared when she found out that her stitches were breaking. After I had a conversation with my mum, I now think I know exactly how she had felt. Well, almost. It’s because she has to stitch her wound all over again while she’s awake where she can feel the pain when the doctor is down there stitching.
Women have to go through menstrual pain from the age of 12-56. I once saw an article that said: a women’s PMS pain = a men’s penis got-kicked-pain. When women get pregnant, they’ll have to face the pain of giving birth, getting stitched up while still being half awake, and then there is the pain, for when she wakes up, there is the wounded vagina. Furthermore, she suffers the lack of sleep for she has to wake every 2 hours just to feed the baby. And that just the beginning for she does worry why the baby’s poop is is green even though it’s normal for a baby who still feeds on breast milk. Being anxious of what will the baby turns out to be when he grows up is an all time no-sleeper. But if a woman is not able to give birth, then her existence would no longer be appreciated or even cared.
One might think that a women’s life is not hard to bear with. But I believe a mum’s life is indeed very, very, very hard to bear with. Appreciate and love your mum today.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Undivided Love

Parents are always known as protective creatures. My parents had been taking care of my sister and me for 20 years and till now, they still have to ‘serve’ us.

Every time when my sister comes back from KL, mum will be cooking like hell, cleaning like a machine and dad will be moping and sweeping like a robot. Me? I’ll be her full time driver……

These things happened to me when I was working in PP

too. I was so homesick because of my mama’s food. I must say that even though I feel my mum can’t cook well, I still like to eat whatever my mum cooks. And a lot of

my friends think the same too as no 5 star restaurants can beat our mum’s cooking. And mostly though,

I can’t live without my mum’s soup.

Last Thursday, sis came back for childbirth confinement.

Mum and dad prepared so much to welcome them back. It has always been believed in our customs that a mum who just gave birth should sleep on a hard bed to adjust the bones, which the bed can only be found custom made. So a month ago before the baby was born, dad started to make the bed and mum was very busy buying baby stuffs not mentioning making sure there’s enough food for my sis. And me of course, the full time driver for my mum when she needs to buy stuffs….

My mum, who is also known as the ‘Superwoman’, not only has to cook for sister

after she gave birth, but she has to clean and wash the house to keep it away from germs. In addition, she has to help take care of the baby, put him to

sleep, feed him, bathe him etc. Me? Same old same old, full time driver whenev

er my family needs me……

Day of firsts by Nathanael Chan

I was intrigued by the enthusiasm of Emma when she mentioned V’s brother’s wedding some time ago. It was carefully planned and she insisted on wearing a sari. For those of you who have been living under a nutshell, a sari is an Indian traditional outfit for women. I had nothing much to say about that and was oblivious to the plans on that day. Initially, I wasn’t interested or looking forward to the wedding. After all, weddings happen all the time and I couldn’t even care less to who or what is going on. It’s not even me who’s getting married. The wedding was, I would say different. It gave me a feeling and a sense of Malaysian culture all working so well, binding and blending in to this multiracial country. I was present there much as an observer, a critic. I was there to see firsthand on how a traditional Malaysian Indian family carry out weddings. As I was told, the wedding was going to be held in an Indian temple. It was my first time venturing into such a venue, and the immaculate colours and statues gave the ancient temple a sacred, however peaceful atmosphere. As I walked in, I was told of the various and traditional rituals held in order to install the bride and groom to be by V and his friendly cousin. Two men, presumably temple devotees played a traditional bongo-style drum (don’t know what it’s called) and a traditional pipe... Akin to the ones the snake charmer uses. I was surprised on the catchy beat, almost trancelike and captivating. Loud and gaiety, there was a true sense of occasion in the air. Most of the visitors at the wedding were wearing the traditional jeepa (for male) and of course, the sari. It seems its part of tradition to do that at a wedding. It was stingingly hot. The weather was a whopping 36 degrees according to my trusty laptop which I had checked the forecasts earlier, and the tarpaulin roofed tent didn’t help to beat the heat. I was sweating out of my every strand of garment on me. However, that did not deter my observations. I however, will have a shocking halt to my descriptions and let the pictures do the talking. Anyway, a picture speaks a thousand words they say. I however, would like to have a simple yet meaningful conclusion of my own. I personally believe that there could be no other place in the world where rich culture and the various colours of skin could bind peacefully, and each race and religion co-existing among each other. The term Bolehland has been used to describe the amazing capability of this country on its everyday basis, mostly, a ridiculed form of criticism. I however, would say that we Malaysians “boleh”, for we have managed to unite races and colours in one. Congrats to the new bride and groom and may their marriage be prosperous and always lovely. Enjoy the photos.

my victim, slugs

I found a slug one week ago and I kept it as my pet. Then mum found me another one, so I have to 2 then. Nat was really excited with them cause he keep asking ‘can I see your slug?’ I even told Sha and TVK. I was pretty excited with my new pet too. The next day, I made them a nice comfy home with bricks and wood. It looks like a real tropical jungle. I feed them with veggies but few day later, they stopped eating. The next morning, I see 2 bodies. Sigh…. I think it’s me who killed them.

Vimal was asking me about my slug’s death but they weren’t dead at that time. He thought I killed them already, after a few days, and then only my sluggies die. I forgot to make them a funeral or I just don’t think they are big deal enough for me to make them a funeral. V was asking me about their funeral today, so I told him that I didn’t held any funeral cause I already flush them into the toilet bowl. So that makes the toilet bowl their grave…. And no one went to their funeral

Now I’m looking for my next pet…….

My STPM is over, thank goodness or maybe not

My sis birthed her son on at the end of my exam, the baby’s coming was unpredictable cause doctor said that he should be coming out at 11/12/2008. Guess he can’t wait to see the world.

Baby was born on 2/11/2008, named Xanthus Then Jian Xu,Xanthus by itself means gold, and Jian Xu means to continuously build and construct life under the brilliance of the rising sun.

He’s so annoying, cry every, I mean e-ve-ry single night, 24-7. Good lord, give us a break. And I’m too young to be an aunt anyway.

My STPM just over, I need to hang out with my friends but I don’t have that time. Friends are calling but because of Xanthus, I had to cancel all the meetings. At least tonight I get to go out and spend sometimes with Nat. I want my holiday!!!

Instead of chilling out with friends, going for picnic, trips and exploring, I had to explore ways to keep a baby! Making milks and put him to sleep (I don’t mean kill him ok). Today, Xanthus’s poop was green cause mum said that he got frighten by our dogs bark, maybe. It was totally, absolutely, freakishly GROSS!!! Can you imagine? Green poops in front of you with weird smell and waterish….. Oh god, I feel like throwing…..

Anyway, I just want my holiday….T.T

I wanna have fun with my friends……