Monday, December 8, 2008

Undivided Love

Parents are always known as protective creatures. My parents had been taking care of my sister and me for 20 years and till now, they still have to ‘serve’ us.

Every time when my sister comes back from KL, mum will be cooking like hell, cleaning like a machine and dad will be moping and sweeping like a robot. Me? I’ll be her full time driver……

These things happened to me when I was working in PP

too. I was so homesick because of my mama’s food. I must say that even though I feel my mum can’t cook well, I still like to eat whatever my mum cooks. And a lot of

my friends think the same too as no 5 star restaurants can beat our mum’s cooking. And mostly though,

I can’t live without my mum’s soup.

Last Thursday, sis came back for childbirth confinement.

Mum and dad prepared so much to welcome them back. It has always been believed in our customs that a mum who just gave birth should sleep on a hard bed to adjust the bones, which the bed can only be found custom made. So a month ago before the baby was born, dad started to make the bed and mum was very busy buying baby stuffs not mentioning making sure there’s enough food for my sis. And me of course, the full time driver for my mum when she needs to buy stuffs….

My mum, who is also known as the ‘Superwoman’, not only has to cook for sister

after she gave birth, but she has to clean and wash the house to keep it away from germs. In addition, she has to help take care of the baby, put him to

sleep, feed him, bathe him etc. Me? Same old same old, full time driver whenev

er my family needs me……


david santos said...

Great posting, my friend, great!

♥ Viv. said...

Congratulations! :D
What an adorable baby.

It is indeed great to have such a lovely blessing as a family. Even though , they are a pain sometimes. Haha. Have a great day, girl!

Lovely blog. Love the writing.

Linked you btw. ;)

Nathy. said...

Our parents would do all they can to give us their best.. dear.. imma try get u a good holiday k?

emma [chan] Amarante said...

thanks for the encouraging comments. looking forward to more viewing.

V!MaL said...

Thanks for the insight. Too much details btw... lol jk la