Wednesday, October 29, 2008

puppies to give away

There are seven puppies going for adoption. 1½ months old. Mum is mongrel, dad looks like bull terrier mixed shar pei . These cute little fellows needs a shelter asap, or they’ll be put to sleep.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

i'm so fed up with all your shits

Mum was being unreasonable again this morning. She asked me to note down some stuffs when her friend called her and gave her some info about the car. I was trying to write what she said. It was confusing, so I ask her repeat it to confirm whether what I wrote correct or not. As usual, she got pissed off; she snatched the pencil and paper to write it herself. After the call, she started scolding me because I never contribute anything to this family. It’s because she’s my mum and I respect her, doesn’t mean that she can be this over. I have done a lot for this family too. Every single thing she’ll ask me to do it, and I never whine about it. Because as a child, I knew that I have this responsibility to lessen mum’s burden. But the more I tolerate, the more she’ll step on me.

I twist my hand few weeks ago, and I can’t really drive non-powered-steering. I can already feel my hand numb after I took mum to temple this morning. My hand is getting worse and I know it. All this while, I’ve been telling mum that I twisted my hand, and it’s aching. She didn’t say anything. This evening, she ask me to take her to the doctor, I agree but on second thought, I think it’s better for me to ask dad to drive because my hand is really getting more painful every time I use my right hand. I ask mum politely if it’s ok for dad to take her, she just fuck my face off. And all those unreasonable scolding and mocking come out from her mouth. She’s being unreasonable all this while and I’ve been tolerate and respect her for she is my mum; but not today. I scream at her. She drove away with her bike and didn’t listen to me. I should have just stop her, and grab her to tell her how much she affects my life in a negative way, and how ungrateful she is because everyone in this family even Nat is being so tolerant to whatever she did.

i'm not caring?!

I’ve been dating almost 6 months, and I found out some rules that I need to remind you guys. Get all your close friends away from him. You can intro all of them to him but make sure that there’s no close talks, make sure that they won’t find any information about who you are, what you like, etc. If once they know who you are, they’ll set their mind an image of what your friends tell them. And that is a really big mistake cause it’s like a first impression, which will stick like forever no matter how much you try to change it, unless the person who give that impression tell them that you have indeed change.

That mistake happened to me. What Sha told Nat was true. The problem is Nat already have that impression of me and I can’t change it unless Sha tell him that I'd changed.

Nat always thinks that I’m not as caring as him. Thanks to Rae, now Nat can actually think that I’m caring, just not the way like he treat me. He might be caring me no matter what; protective, sometimes over protective, it's a visible action. This incident happened on Raya holiday. We went KL together and met Rae. Nat was sweating like hell as usual. I took my handkerchief to wipe his sweat. Rae thinks that it was sweet. Instead of thanking me, Nat was winning that I’m not wiping his sweat. Luckily Rae was there to prove him wrong. He wants me to be caring but he’s not even paying attention on me.

I always make an effort to go out with him, change more than 5 times to make sure I look perfect even I’m in my most casual outfit, I make sure that I’ll make him proud and not looks like dating a bimbo or a nerd.

He complained that I rather write other people than her own boy friend. What can I write when I can’t think of anything? Certainly no one will writes about every single incident in their life. I’m not going to write about we going for movies cause we go for movie like every once a week, and what else can it be after the movie? It’s going to be have supper together and have a short walk, or fuck and sleep over , or just drop me home and chat awhile, then go home. There’s nothing to write about, it’s too common that even I don’t know what to write. I’m not going to write what we chatted, we can talk the whole life, and I don’t have that time to write that much.....

If I’m not caring, I wouldn’t have mood swing every time you get sick and not going for doctor. If I’m not caring, I wouldn’t have nag or scold you. I can just date you and let you be whatever you are, become a loser or what, I don’t care. Watch you die of sickness or hunger; I won’t give a fuck if I don’t care about you.
How can you say that I’m not caring?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


19th October 2008. Mr. Teoh invited nat for his farewell. Nat brought me there with his jeans on and he almost melt because of the jeans. It was the best barbeque I ever had. It wasn’t that grand or crowded, there’s only 5 people including me. The compound was more than enough for the 5 of us. The food was nice though there’s lil choice to choose. It wasn’t like those party I went, where you don’t know some of them, and you have to be extra polite to other people cause you have to give me good impression. It was a comfortable lil party, where everyone cooks together, then sat together and enjoy the food and songs were played. Though nat was a lil bit sick, but I’m sure that he enjoys it too. Sadly, we were to enjoy that we forgot to take photos….

nat dislikes crowd

18th October 2008. I was invited to my friends’ open house at night and I brought Nat. I wore the baju kurung mum brought home at noon. It was fitting. The open house was freaking crowded. It was held in a hall. There were people singing and some enjoying their food. After me and nat have the soup bihun, me and nat left the place because nat didn’t seems comfortable with the crowd. It wasn’t really that fun like those I went before this, this is more like self-service. Maybe it’s because those are from close friends, giving you the best hospitality, and make sure no one left behind. But those are different, those happen when we visit from houses to houses; this is a hall with many people.

celebrate it

17th October 2008. Class PU2BM1 celebrated Hari Raya in class. The feast was kinda big. There was variety of tasty food. Our teachers were invited to join the feast and were given present as souvenir. After the teacher left everyone seems to gone outta mind, there were ice wars, gossip group, then the food war was too much. We took some pictures too.

talk about morals? we got the best

They talked about races, Malays are slow, Indians are loser, and Chinese are the Richie. Most people believe that the Chinese are successful.

Chinese are indeed good in business, and most of them cheat, bribe, involve in illegal business. They become rich but they lose their moral values. They think that they are rich and people should respect them. Being rich represents their status.

Let’s just say, there’s a car accident, and someone is dying, he needs help immediately. Passers-by stop by and check out what happened. First person who will offer help is Malay, helped by Indians; everyone plays roles in this accident. Even the Chinese plays their best part, stand there watch the show and not offer any help, so that they don’t need to go police station for any statements and for sure, their car will be Safe and Clean. These happened a few times, only the Chinese that will stand aside and not helping anyone, watching people lie there, and die.

I was in a food court. Food court is meant for public. But the Chinese made rules for themselves. You sit in front of my stall; you need to order my food. You’re in the Chinese stall; you need to order Chinese food. This old man was in his 50s and still so stubborn. There was a few Chinese and Indians sit together and ordered drinks from Malay stall, and there come this old man, scold the customer like those uncivilized barbarians for ordering drinks from the Malay stall and not the Chinese stall. This old man is in his 50s and still so stubborn and uncivilized.

Even the Chinese teachers are like so selfish that they rather keep secrets of where their children went for tuition, than sharing it with their colleague. All because they don’t want the other teacher’s son become wiser than their children. How can these teachers be teaching us?

This comes down to the younger generation; students that have flying colours refuse to help others in their studies. All because they don’t want other people get better result than them. Why can’t they just be happy for them? Let’s say if you get B for English, but the one who you thought him in English gets an A, it means you who helped him achieve success and that makes you nothing but a winner. By the way, it’s not like you’re going to have a better live for getting A’s. If one doesn’t put an effort on what he has to do with his life, no point for the A’s.

And so this is part of the Chinese society, get rich and hold on your money till you die. Chinese people, live in their own lil world that is full of selfishness, greediness, arrogance. They think they have it all…..

Sunday, October 12, 2008

worst kfc service

8th October was tiko’s birthday. We went to tesco kfc to celebrate it, and that was the worst kfc service I ever get. At first I already disagree to celebrate it at kfc but it’s the only thing we can afford. We went there in the end. We were kinda excited. And that’s when all the poor service thing happen.

I and nat went to order fisrt. I pick the snack plate and nat wants X-meal. When they serve the food I found out that they are giving a breast and a drumstick, and I, who always hated drumstick, asked the waiter named Suzwani politely, so that she can change the drumstick to breast for me, instead of giving me the smile, she gave me the rude face as if I’m asking too much, I was kinda shock and mad, of course.
She switches it for me in the end and say thank you. The ‘thank you’ is not gonna made up the look that you gave bitch! Ok, so I’m done with the waiter. I and my friends went to look for seats. The spaces were small, anyway, fuck that and let’s have a good time. Suddenly, in the middle of having our meal, one of the waiter who was given the job to clean up the table next to us, spilled the coke on nat’s foot and didn’t even apologize for that nor seems remorseful, big time jerk. Before this the floor already looked foot-printed-floor-mat. Now it’s a messy-watery-foot-printed-floor-mat and they still don’t want to clean it up. What if some innocent people slipped and fall? What if the fall makes the forever paralyze? They are so inconsiderate.

When tiko tried to call the waiter to ask where the ketchup is for me, those waiters just don’t give a damn, I don’t know if they are really having hearing-impaired or just don’t bother about it. That’s really pissed me off. What’s wrong with kfc? It’s an international food chain outlet, how could they just simply hire someone that is this low standard? Knowing only one language that is not even English is already considered inadequate because of the worldwide standard they have, but manner? How can they just hire some employees who don’t even know the basic manner?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

it's Raya!

Its’ Raya, and of course, I’m invited to join the open house. I only visit my friends’ open house on the third day of Hari Raya Puasa because mum decided to go kl to spend her and my holiday. Well, I would be glad to go see my sister but mum wants me drive my small lil tiny twinkly kancil to kl. And that of course is hard and freaks me out, at first. Anyway, we manage to arrive there in one piece.
Sis’s place is as cozy as usual but this time, there’s something new, DUST MITES!!! Sis had to dump her bed because of the dust mite. They found out when my brother-in-law was bitten by dust mite. They dumped the bed and bro got over with the bites, but I wasn’t that lucky. I got bitten by dust mites TOO! Sigh, at first it was just some small little bites, then spread over my body because of allergy, and gotten worst when I ate beef when I got home, and visit my friends. Now I’m having skin itchiness which I can never thought that I can be allergic to beef. Still scratching and typing……. All because of me being greedy, eat, eat,eat.
Though with the allergies, my Raya holiday wasn’t really that bad. I get to spend time with people that I love. But there’s one thing, I missed out Sha. She got too busy with her assignment…….

Monday, October 6, 2008

the Festival

Its October again, the Nine Emperor God’s festival is here. As always, people gather around to join and spectate the parade organized by the member of the society. People will be blessed with fortune and health by given sweets and rice, and sprinkle with water. It’s a tradition practiced since long time ago. It is fantastic to be actually born in this little town, where you’ll get to see most of these amazing traditional activities.

Here are some of the view I took on the night the parade was organized.