Thursday, October 23, 2008

i'm so fed up with all your shits

Mum was being unreasonable again this morning. She asked me to note down some stuffs when her friend called her and gave her some info about the car. I was trying to write what she said. It was confusing, so I ask her repeat it to confirm whether what I wrote correct or not. As usual, she got pissed off; she snatched the pencil and paper to write it herself. After the call, she started scolding me because I never contribute anything to this family. It’s because she’s my mum and I respect her, doesn’t mean that she can be this over. I have done a lot for this family too. Every single thing she’ll ask me to do it, and I never whine about it. Because as a child, I knew that I have this responsibility to lessen mum’s burden. But the more I tolerate, the more she’ll step on me.

I twist my hand few weeks ago, and I can’t really drive non-powered-steering. I can already feel my hand numb after I took mum to temple this morning. My hand is getting worse and I know it. All this while, I’ve been telling mum that I twisted my hand, and it’s aching. She didn’t say anything. This evening, she ask me to take her to the doctor, I agree but on second thought, I think it’s better for me to ask dad to drive because my hand is really getting more painful every time I use my right hand. I ask mum politely if it’s ok for dad to take her, she just fuck my face off. And all those unreasonable scolding and mocking come out from her mouth. She’s being unreasonable all this while and I’ve been tolerate and respect her for she is my mum; but not today. I scream at her. She drove away with her bike and didn’t listen to me. I should have just stop her, and grab her to tell her how much she affects my life in a negative way, and how ungrateful she is because everyone in this family even Nat is being so tolerant to whatever she did.


Anonymous said...

just deal with it

Nathy. said...

Ur mum will get the consequences of her actions. Mark my words. She's still your mum yes... but we can handle this slowly eh? hang on in there.. and no.. we dont have to just "deal with it"... love