Saturday, December 26, 2009

2nd My Holiday with Joan & Sha

We were late for the beach cause of the exhausting activities we had. After breakfast, by the time we arrived the beach, it was already 11am which is high tide. now thats what joanne's friend warned us. at first we thought we didnt see any jellyfish so we just fucked the high tide. we went down into the water and to my fucking astonishment, i saw this huge disgusting jellyfisdh an arms length away.. literally. without thinking twice, i took sha's hand and ran like a kid to the beach. when i looked back, there were actually 7 to 8 jellyfish all around us. good god.. somebody must have prayed really hard. looking at the dangerous conditions, we could only play by the waterside on the beach and not too deep into the water. we took so many pictures it would be impossible for me to upload all of it here.

there were many crab holes on the sand and the three of us saw a crab running. joanne was standing there taking pictures of us. oh before that, joanne wanted to go down to the water but she failed to do so because initially she thought that there was a changing room, but there wasn't. sha got few starfish. actually there were 4 dead starfish but sha broke 2 of the starfishes' legs and she only mananged to get 2 back for her boyfriend. when she was searching for the starfish,joanne and me took a lot of ss'ing photos, and in the end, we three got sunburned badly.the beach was really nice, few people ever visited it. water was really clean but not to the coral reef standrards, the bluish see through kindo of thing. we went home and took a bath. shortly afterwards, we went for lunch. before lunch we bought movie tickets. actually we were supposed to watch 3d avatar but it was fully booked.the only tickets left were 12 am and we had to go back early the next day. eventually, we watched the princess and the frog. it was the typical Disney fairy tale movie. so later we went for lunch at taiwan's food which is at the gurney plaza basement. the taiwan food was irresistably tasty. we actually went to this fish spa as there was some time left. it was my first time that i actually lied for a discount. the discount was only available for students and i told them i forgot to bring it. sha and joanne both had student so i had to lie. the fish sha was crazy. the palm size fish were like waiting for your legs to "feed" them even though we hadn't put our legs in. sha went in first and joanne and me were laughing because it was like so terrifying for us.
after fish spa, it was time for the movie. jun ong met us at the cinema. after the movie all of us went a walk, took some pictures plus helping jun ong to choose stuff. We were supposed to help choose some nice shirt in padini, but in the end, he didn't want any. So, we went to help him to find some facial foam for his dry acne face. He was so shy that he suddenly become so quiet when we ask some opinion from the sales girl. Well, at least he reply whatever the Girl ask him. And he manage to get one in the end. But he still look terrified after the expose, i feel. Cause his facial expression stop since we ask the sales girls for opinion.

It was already time for dinner when we go back. After the dinner we just drove back home and chill. played Uno and surf net and gossip a lil while then to the Bed.

We went back to Taiping on the 24th December, morning about 8 after breakfast. The food was totally different from here but it's still taste good.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Holiday with Joan & Sha

22nd December 2009
It's another year in Lunar Calendar. We're suppose to celebrate by having glutenous rice porridge. I don't know why Glutenous Rice but I know that we can't celebrate this is year's new year cause according to tradition, anyone's family member past away, we're not suppose to celebrate any festival for 1-3 years. Of course there's no need for us to do this cause grandms is a Christan but my mum insist. This is to show respect to those who past away in our way, the Taoist way.
Anyway, even though we did not celebrate doesn't mean we can't eat the Glutenous Rice. After me and ma took Xanthus to have his vaccination, we went to pray our beloved one then only we go Aunty Er to have our Porridge. It was really sweet.

At about 2.30pm, me and Sha depart to Penang. The journey was long as I drove 70km/hr. It didn't take us long to arrive, about 1.30hours. we arrived at about 5pm, Joanne meet us at GeorgeTown Tesco.
First, me, Sha and Joanne go for dinner then we meet up with Jun Ong. He's one of our high school classmate. He has got this funny way of walking, even when he's cleaning up the chalk board. And also, he's a shy guy. Jun Ong's hostel is about 30min from Joanne's. Actually, we've planned to go Gurney but Joan suggested something better. Well, visiting Hard Rock is pretty new for me. I'd never been there. It's located in Batu Ferringi, Penang. Pretty nice place but we did not have our drink there's, cause we four totally agree that we can't afford the beverage there and can do better stuff with the money. So, we took some photo cause that's all that we can afford. T.T broke dudes....

Later that, Joanne intro us a 180++cm guy named 'ahwei', no full name, just 'ahwei'. She took us for a karaoke session. We didn't pay anything at all. All we did is sing like crazy fuck. It got better the longer we stayed. I can't sing cause Nat said I'm tone death but WTH, I'm here to have fun. Even I'm still having sore throat now,still I enjoyed it cause that night was one hell screaming-tone-death-pitchless-enjoyable singing session.
We went back quite late that night and my habit of sleeping early is killing my brain softly. Can't stand staying up late night nowadays. And my night got worst by having allergic towards the alcohol. In the end, I didn't have a good night sleep cause my whole body was very itchy.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Service

I'm not Christian. But me and my family celebrates it. After 10 years of talking about getting a Christmas tree, eventually, we got it. We bought a lot of decos. So nice to have a Christmas tree. I was also thinking of cooking on Eve, something very Asian. Maybe some Thai Salad, bread crumbs fried chicken, garlic eggplant, Popiah and herbal soup. If mum can't give me a hand, I would certainly need Nat then.

This is the Tree.

So yesterday, Josephine invited us to her church. We missed the "Feast" when me and V arrive. I was really upset cause I totally forgot to have my dinner before that. When we arrive, my stomach is already growling.
Still, the Service was great, with then Christmas Carols.
We took some photos.
V was totally into the Service when the kids play the story of Christmas.
After that, we went to TS to meet Mir, Hez and Boi. And we played Uno. Mir is leaving on the 23rd. T.T

movie night

On Saturday, December 19, I went for Avatar with Nat. The graphic was amazingly amazing.

Wouldn't it be nice if I can be of 'em, to have the bond with Nature. And to live with no Control.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


You know when you started working, you can’t expect much from your colleague, neither giving you a hand nor listening to your problems. And I am certainly aware of this very fact.

So when once I found that there is someone sincere, I’m gonna cherish them cause, everyone knows, it’s not easy.

I’m still kinda disappointed when I found out that Bea, is really changing. Even Mas couldn’t take the real fact till she got it on her own. The thing is Mas always back Bea up whenever there are people trying to backstab her.

Bea did talk to me about changing herself or being mean sometimes but I was totally not aware that she meant. And she is this mean for real this time.

All and all, we’ve talked about sincerity and….sigh…

Sometimes, I don’t even know that do we exist whenever Bea is on the phone with her hubby. I mean, I got hubby and Mas is married with a real hubby, we still got time for each of us, why not Bea.

Sometimes, things just don’t work your ways I guess..

Looking forward

On 22nd, me, Sha, Joan are supposed to go Cameran Highlands but we couldn't get any reservation so, I suggested Genting Highland since both are highlands. But Joanne is going end of the year.

Joan suggested Cruise. One night cruise should cost about below 100bucks. I think that should be fine. Hopefully even will go smoothly.

Cause after 2-3 years of busy minding our own matter, we didn't really have time for sisters. I don't even remember when was the last time we 3 hanged out. Everytime when Sha's back, Joan will be stuck in Penang. When Joan's back, Sha'll be stuck in KL. Well, at least I get to keep myself updated as I am still stucked in Taiping. I'm kinda fine being stucked here, cost is cheaper here. But if I were to get a chance, I would go for it and that would be another story.

My Fever Days

I got this terrible fever 2 days ago but I’m feeling much better now. I was like vomiting, heavy flu, sore throat. Ugh… which, fortunately didn’t kill me.

The western medi wasn’t really help much, so ma bought me some Chinese herbs, well, at least it stopped me from vomiting and I can actually drink water and luckily the herbs taste edible.

But I’m still on the Prospan Cough Syrup. And I’m still sneezing a lot. Can even feel my eyes and my veins are popping out every time I sneezed.

I am only allowed to eat very very tasteless food. (V, if you’re reading this, please don’t vomit in front of your labby.)

Hope that I can get well soon, so that I can join my hardly-meet-and-hang-out together frineds..T.T

I was almost bored to death. Yesterday, I was so bored that i forced Nat to play cards with me cause my mum wouldn’t allow me to go to the hall as she didn’t want me to get everyone infected….. again T.T


Another intro

Since I haven’t been keeping you guys updated, I’m just gonna tell you about my new note experience.

I named it Donut – Dell Vostro 1220

The ultra-affordable ultraportable

Designed especially for small businesses, the ultraportable, fully customizable Dell Vostro 1220 offers full-featured productivity in an affordable 12.1" laptop.

Well, that’s what they said. But of course it’s real.

It’s in the unbelievable starting weight 3.36lb/1.52kg.

Processor: Intel(R) Core™ 2 Duo P8600(2.40GHz, 1066MHz, 3M L2 Cache, Dual Core)

Operating System: Vista Home Premium

Microsoft: Works 2009

Display: 12.1” Widescreen WXGA (1280 x 800) Premium Anti-Glare Wide View LED Display

Memory: 2GB (2x1G) 800MHz DDR2 SDRAM Memory

Hardrive: 250GB SATA 7200RPM Hard Drive with Free Fall Sensor

Optical Drive: 8X DVD/RW Optical Drive

Battery: 4-cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery

Power Option: 65W AC Adapter

Colour Kit: black with camera

Wireless Card: Dell WLAN 1510 (802.11a/b/g/n 2X2) MiniCard Malaysia

And Bluetooth

For 3k

THREE FRIGGING K!!! Where can you get such an affordable price for such a well customized note!!??

Sorry, I’m still thrilled when my dear pick me this extremely terrific donut for me. The time I bought it, I even get windows7 for free. Meaning, I’m having Vista Home Premium and Windows7 now.

I’ve waited for one month to receive the free 7. I was pretty excited when I found it on my table (my mum put it there).

But I’ve tried 7. Pretty much like Vista but more focus for touch screen usage. And my dear manage to show me that the Bluetooth isn’t working so well too.

Only the cons about donut is that there’s only one speaker but doesn’t matter cause I’m using headset most of the time. Other than that, my Donut is doing pretty good.

Oh and my dear keeeeeeeeeps complaining that the key is too small (he’s rough and got big hands).

Anyway, whoever thought of getting a new note, should totally consider this good offer