Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Looking forward

On 22nd, me, Sha, Joan are supposed to go Cameran Highlands but we couldn't get any reservation so, I suggested Genting Highland since both are highlands. But Joanne is going end of the year.

Joan suggested Cruise. One night cruise should cost about below 100bucks. I think that should be fine. Hopefully even will go smoothly.

Cause after 2-3 years of busy minding our own matter, we didn't really have time for sisters. I don't even remember when was the last time we 3 hanged out. Everytime when Sha's back, Joan will be stuck in Penang. When Joan's back, Sha'll be stuck in KL. Well, at least I get to keep myself updated as I am still stucked in Taiping. I'm kinda fine being stucked here, cost is cheaper here. But if I were to get a chance, I would go for it and that would be another story.


Joann anne said...

yap...we are busing with our own stuff...hope tat can hav a good time in tat holidays...can;t wait it..hehe~~!!