Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Love Money

I believe that no one would like be in control.

But has anyone ever thought that we’re already being controlled?

If we’re not in control of it, then how did you get here? Yes, I’m talking to whomever that is reading this. I meant how did you even have the opportunity to see my blog? You buy PC with money, buy food with money; you even have to buy your bed with money. Don’t tell me that you’re sleeping with the nature. Even I am sleeping on a bed bought with my parents’ hard earn money.

True, we’re all being controlled. No one force us to work to get money, but we’re willing to work for money because of only one urge that is called “greed” and “selfish”. Even I am working so that I can eat better food, dress better, sleeps better. So, it’s easy, I wanna control you- I provide you something useful for your live, nothing to do with god or nature or anyone else but for yourself. Even I am greedy and selfish.

Don’t wanna be in controlled? Think again

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Rotary Dial Phone

I'm not sure if I'm right but I think it's Model 500

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Now, I'm gonna show you guys the Ultimate Technology!

Dell Vostro 1220 (2009) vs Olivetti Lettera 32 (40years ago)

Isn't it a beauty? After 40 years and it is still in a great condition.

embarrassing moment of mine

Yesterday went I was texting, I accidently saw this message-sent by my dearest pal, Sha.


Sha texted me in Mandarin saying: I still can’t believe that you went into Gents room.

True, I can’t believe that too. But it was quite an experience.

There was this day where me, Sha and two other friends went to Ipoh for movie as there isn’t any theater here.

After once hour journey to the North, we finally arrived at our destination. And as usual, before going into the theater, I would first enter the ladies. I always have this feeling, where one day I would mistakenly enter the Gents cause we gotta pass Gents before going to Ladies. And so that day has arrived. I don’t remember if I even blog about this. But seriously, I mistakenly enter The Gents. I didn’t realize until I sat down and wee. First I noticed that the washroom was extremely stinky. Then only I found out that I was in the wrong place when I heard a men’s voice. Just to make sure, I come and look around, found that I was right, it is a Gents. Some men peeing at the urinals were shocked and try to cover their penis when they saw me.

Yeah, I was shocked too. The weird thing is that I didn’t even realize that there were men peeing outside at first. I must have held my urine for a long time that I need to wee so desperately.

Sha was stunned when she saw me coming out from the Gents. She was actually going to stop me but I was too swift.

It was embarrassing and yet funny at the same time. Those men inside the toilet must be in great shocked. And I thought men always like to show off their dongs…..

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Yesterday, chew, my colleague invited me and 4 other friends to spend a night at her house as her mum had went on a holiday. But only me and Mizah agreed to spend a night at her place cause Mas is married and Azrin was not allow to do so.

In view that we can’t spend night together, so we agreed to cook dinner at Mas’s house before me and Mizah follow Chew home. Mizah is a terrific cook. She can almost make anything. I arrived at Mas house late but I did brought ‘em some karipap. Mizah made Tom Yam, Chew made onion egg. Mas was the one who provide the raw material and Azrin was the dishes in the end.

It was kinda like a gathering at then.

We chill and chat a lil after dinner. I must say that Mas’s cat, Hitam is so alike dog. She’s extremely hyperactive cause as we all know that cats are quite ignorant. We stay til 11 something before we drove back to Chew’s house.

Since I took ½ day off, I get to wake up slightly later today after a long night chat yesterday.

When I woke up, found that my dear called me, and when I return his call, to found that he just got up to a chopper. Cause there was this Jaz Beer promotion near my house and apparently, one of the pilot was dear’s dad’s friend. Before they leave to another destination, this pilot took dear and his dad for a 30min Taiping tour. Which If I were to not spend night at Chew’s house, I could have gone up to the Chopper. But I’m cool with cause there isn’t always a chance to spend a night with friends.

There wasn’t anything booming today but the ½-day-off was fantastic. At least I get to sleep later then usual…

Monday, November 16, 2009

My grandaunt’s death wasn’t so bad after all

It’s not like I’m happy of my grandm’s death. She was a very healthy woman. And one day, she just poof, drop and die. Ironic, but she’s dead for real. She was a very good cook and has very high fashion sense, even when she is 70, she’s still so presentable is anyway, something like Queen Elizabeth.
She wasn’t a really friendly person til she was 60 and started inviting us for dinners and stuffs.
My grandaunt did pretty well in handling, well, almost everything. But one thing is she buys too much. Kinda like what we say, spendthrift. She has all sorts of fashion stuffs. Now that’s why I’m writing about her.After she passed away, there were a lot of new things left unused; most of them have to do with fashion. So fortunately, her daughter gave away some of her stuff to me. These are some of them.

The calendar is as old as my age - 20years.
and the dress' cloth is aged 20 years or more

There are still more in the house which the daughter is still having hard time cleaning up her mother’s mess even after she passed away 3years. I’m sure that you can imagine how many stuff my grandm kept. I even once found something belongs to my great-great-grandpa’s pen holder. I washed it, but my dad thought it’s some cheap broken porcelain pen holder and so, he threw it away. Too bad, but still a great experience. And so, I named my aunt’s house the official home-belonging museum.

Back from hassles

It’s been raining cats and dogs for the past week. And it’s still raining now. Maybe 2012 is coming soon. Everything is so dark these days. Hardly see sunshine.

Yesterday’s worst. As if my day is not complete enough with all the rain and thunder, there’s electricity break down, Twice! First, at noon. This is Malaysia! How do you expect people to live without any cooling air on? 2nd, at night. Luckily I was about to sleep.

and today, my dear trip, slip, flip for 3 times with 3 different incidents in 3 separate places. his last hit was 5min ago. pity him. he's having bruises from head to toe, literally.