Saturday, November 21, 2009

embarrassing moment of mine

Yesterday went I was texting, I accidently saw this message-sent by my dearest pal, Sha.


Sha texted me in Mandarin saying: I still can’t believe that you went into Gents room.

True, I can’t believe that too. But it was quite an experience.

There was this day where me, Sha and two other friends went to Ipoh for movie as there isn’t any theater here.

After once hour journey to the North, we finally arrived at our destination. And as usual, before going into the theater, I would first enter the ladies. I always have this feeling, where one day I would mistakenly enter the Gents cause we gotta pass Gents before going to Ladies. And so that day has arrived. I don’t remember if I even blog about this. But seriously, I mistakenly enter The Gents. I didn’t realize until I sat down and wee. First I noticed that the washroom was extremely stinky. Then only I found out that I was in the wrong place when I heard a men’s voice. Just to make sure, I come and look around, found that I was right, it is a Gents. Some men peeing at the urinals were shocked and try to cover their penis when they saw me.

Yeah, I was shocked too. The weird thing is that I didn’t even realize that there were men peeing outside at first. I must have held my urine for a long time that I need to wee so desperately.

Sha was stunned when she saw me coming out from the Gents. She was actually going to stop me but I was too swift.

It was embarrassing and yet funny at the same time. Those men inside the toilet must be in great shocked. And I thought men always like to show off their dongs…..