Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The unsuccessful Grow

About a week ago my dear still in the spree of keeping his beard but somehow, the bear didn't grow quite well after 3 weeks. It sorts of... stop growing. And it's only 0.5cm. So, Nat decided to just end his spree..... Now, he's the same old Nat again, less hairy...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Not so hairy after all

Nat has been trying to grow his beard for the past two weeks. Well, that's what he said but I'm very certain that it's ain't two weeks, it's more than that. Under his lips, there's only one very visible hard. It is obviously a retarded hair.. and I thought he didn't shave his beard properly, cause there's a hole in the middle of the beard. It's weird cause there isn't any sign of new hair growing there.

Let's just hope that Nat's dream of growing his Rock-like-beard will be a success. XP

Monday, January 11, 2010

it's a guilt


I was going through some of my photo and Nat saw this friend of mine who's having a mole on his face.
Nat commented him, well, when it comes to Natty to the comment, nothing will come out nice but it was funny cause he gave him a pet name "Tahi Bin Lalat" and he has a imaginary called "Pon A/P Dan".
Yes, he's another fag of mine; with this irritating mole that has hair on it. Omg, I feel bad when I laugh at Nat's name-joke. ... I shouldn't be making fun of my friends.... ><

Saturday, January 9, 2010


It didn't take us too long to find a home for the puppies. My dad gave it away to this man who own an estate and he keeps a lot of dogs. I sure do hope that that man will at least give them proper care.

incredible emergency leave

I got very tired of the outing last night and so I was thinking of getting an Emergency Leave today. But thinking of my piling up work... well, wtf, just get up and finish it.

As usual on the way to work, I'll pass the same road like I did everyday; well, most of the day. Suddenly there was a blackish small bun in the middle of the road and I almost roll over it! It's a puppy!!! If I were to speed up a lil, I'm gonna kill them. I stationed my car at the road side. And when I got down, there were two lil puppies! TWO! Whoever did this to the puppies, well, God will know. They should have dump them somewhere else, market where you still can find food or factory area where people still feeds stray dog but beside the road of no where??? and almost got rolled by me?? WTF

God will know. I don't know what should I say, them lucky or I'm lucky.

Anyway, who want this two lil cute puppies? The male with the brighter colour is kinda annoying but very alert (he kinda sniff a lil and watch what's going on around him) and the female is quiet but smarter (she knows how to reach her food)

In the end, I still have to take EL. Part of it is because of the puppies and most of it is because my nephew hasn't been feeling so well since yesterday

Friday, January 8, 2010

the Non-Halal Fag

Today, while I was eating pork, I remember what my fags told me about another fag. He's like a culprit for everything. When you hear stuff that are not true then you know who to look for, or maybe your secrets or maybe your life cause he might be stalking you anytime, anywhere.

This fag of mine is Muslim and Muslims can't eat pork. So, he described him as a pig, non-halal. They will be so in trouble (I don't know what trouble but I just know there will be one) if they have any contact with pig - the non-halal. What he's trying to say is that, do not get your hands on him cause he's non-halal.

It sound like a lame joke in here but it ain't lame when you see his face and the adjectives that he's using.

digging it happily

On 28/12/2009

It's kinda embarrassing but I'm happy cause Nat was like, sooo used to me that when we go out for supper; he kinda like. Dig his nose in the public. I was shocked and wonder what is he's trying to do, "digging your nose in the public? In a restaurant???"

Well, humiliating for some girlfriends but what else can you say when your boyfriend tell you that: "damn, I got so used to you that I thought that we're at home"