Friday, January 8, 2010

the Non-Halal Fag

Today, while I was eating pork, I remember what my fags told me about another fag. He's like a culprit for everything. When you hear stuff that are not true then you know who to look for, or maybe your secrets or maybe your life cause he might be stalking you anytime, anywhere.

This fag of mine is Muslim and Muslims can't eat pork. So, he described him as a pig, non-halal. They will be so in trouble (I don't know what trouble but I just know there will be one) if they have any contact with pig - the non-halal. What he's trying to say is that, do not get your hands on him cause he's non-halal.

It sound like a lame joke in here but it ain't lame when you see his face and the adjectives that he's using.