Saturday, January 9, 2010

incredible emergency leave

I got very tired of the outing last night and so I was thinking of getting an Emergency Leave today. But thinking of my piling up work... well, wtf, just get up and finish it.

As usual on the way to work, I'll pass the same road like I did everyday; well, most of the day. Suddenly there was a blackish small bun in the middle of the road and I almost roll over it! It's a puppy!!! If I were to speed up a lil, I'm gonna kill them. I stationed my car at the road side. And when I got down, there were two lil puppies! TWO! Whoever did this to the puppies, well, God will know. They should have dump them somewhere else, market where you still can find food or factory area where people still feeds stray dog but beside the road of no where??? and almost got rolled by me?? WTF

God will know. I don't know what should I say, them lucky or I'm lucky.

Anyway, who want this two lil cute puppies? The male with the brighter colour is kinda annoying but very alert (he kinda sniff a lil and watch what's going on around him) and the female is quiet but smarter (she knows how to reach her food)

In the end, I still have to take EL. Part of it is because of the puppies and most of it is because my nephew hasn't been feeling so well since yesterday


shirley said...

you're giving reason to take EL....

emma [chan] Amarante said...

someone has to do something