Saturday, February 6, 2010

Emma, it's Special

I wish I could spend more time with V, Rahim and Yo today. But I ran out of energy, I just missed my bed so much. Also, V gave Rahim a key chain and me a book, both from Penang. And my book's title is "Emma".

That’s so sweet of him...... Thanks V! He reminds me a lot of my name now. He even bought me a necklace with an “E” alphabet, last year.

My friends make me feel that my name is Special….

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Loves and Me

The movie “Marley and Me” was touching. They showed the growing process of Marley, till he died. Thinking about how many times I have to face this tragedy, is kind of freaking me out. Cause I’ve got 3 dogs.

BB was my first pup. Of all the dogs, my mum chose BB. I tried a few times; hope that my mum will let me keep dog. And BB was my first success. My mum was never fond of keeping any pet; talk about keeping them in the house. So, the condition is that, I can keep it as long as I keep her outside.

But things changed rapidly when mum started to know more about dogs. Yes, they fart, they burp, they act so much like a human, a 3 year old child. There are a lot of emotions involved to have her in our life.

Worry – When we first got her, she had very low self-esteem and was easily terrified. I wouldn’t want to know what happened to her cause I know that it must be horrible. Oh, did I mention that I saved her from becoming a stray dog? Anyway, it took her quite some time to rebuild her self-esteem. And during that time, we were all so worried cause there wasn’t much progress even after a week. But, you wouldn’t want to get near to her anymore; she is a very proud woman now.

Angry – It’s not really the type where you’ll get so angry that you feel like punching people. Of course all puppies like to chew. They’ll stop chewing eventually, or end up chewing only one toy. And all dogs like to chew shoes. Which is what I love most, so in order to save our shoe from being slaughter, we have to keep them somewhere, safe. But she’s a smart dog, she understands instantly what we banned her from doing; and sometimes, she knows what is ‘do’ and what is ‘don’t’ without us telling her.

Happy – I don’t need to explain what happiness is.

Because to have a dog in your life, you’ll get surprises every day; Well, almost every day. Can you imagine my life? I’ve got 3 dogs! Any adjective that you can describe a feeling is what you’re gonna get when you have dogs. That’s what they’re going to give you but all they ask for return is just Love.