Wednesday, May 5, 2010

food week

It’s been so long since I hung out with Sha. Whenever Sha is back you can be sure that she’ll call you up to go out EAT. Seem like none of my friends and family can stop thinking about food when their back in Taiping.

I miss her and Joan. I wish that we can turn back the time where we three are happily hanging out together.

Ok. So, our normal food-ing would be Larut Matang food court. That is where Sha always go whenever she’s back. and it’s been so long since we both went to the Aulong night market. We had something which we used to have it when we’re at high school. The rojak mengkuang! Cheap and tasty, and nostalgic….

Sunday, May 2, 2010


1st May 2010, labour day. There’s a charity going on nearby my house. But it’s more like a garage sell. There were so many antique stuffs to offer, a lot of stuffs but the interesting part was the quilt. Didn’t manage to take photo of it but the quilt was fantastic, it is such a detail work, no wonder they sell it for RM 100. But of course, we didn’t get it cause my mum is a fantastic tailor too.

I bought a few nice bag from there. love them!