Thursday, November 19, 2009


Yesterday, chew, my colleague invited me and 4 other friends to spend a night at her house as her mum had went on a holiday. But only me and Mizah agreed to spend a night at her place cause Mas is married and Azrin was not allow to do so.

In view that we can’t spend night together, so we agreed to cook dinner at Mas’s house before me and Mizah follow Chew home. Mizah is a terrific cook. She can almost make anything. I arrived at Mas house late but I did brought ‘em some karipap. Mizah made Tom Yam, Chew made onion egg. Mas was the one who provide the raw material and Azrin was the dishes in the end.

It was kinda like a gathering at then.

We chill and chat a lil after dinner. I must say that Mas’s cat, Hitam is so alike dog. She’s extremely hyperactive cause as we all know that cats are quite ignorant. We stay til 11 something before we drove back to Chew’s house.

Since I took ½ day off, I get to wake up slightly later today after a long night chat yesterday.

When I woke up, found that my dear called me, and when I return his call, to found that he just got up to a chopper. Cause there was this Jaz Beer promotion near my house and apparently, one of the pilot was dear’s dad’s friend. Before they leave to another destination, this pilot took dear and his dad for a 30min Taiping tour. Which If I were to not spend night at Chew’s house, I could have gone up to the Chopper. But I’m cool with cause there isn’t always a chance to spend a night with friends.

There wasn’t anything booming today but the ½-day-off was fantastic. At least I get to sleep later then usual…