Monday, November 16, 2009

My grandaunt’s death wasn’t so bad after all

It’s not like I’m happy of my grandm’s death. She was a very healthy woman. And one day, she just poof, drop and die. Ironic, but she’s dead for real. She was a very good cook and has very high fashion sense, even when she is 70, she’s still so presentable is anyway, something like Queen Elizabeth.
She wasn’t a really friendly person til she was 60 and started inviting us for dinners and stuffs.
My grandaunt did pretty well in handling, well, almost everything. But one thing is she buys too much. Kinda like what we say, spendthrift. She has all sorts of fashion stuffs. Now that’s why I’m writing about her.After she passed away, there were a lot of new things left unused; most of them have to do with fashion. So fortunately, her daughter gave away some of her stuff to me. These are some of them.

The calendar is as old as my age - 20years.
and the dress' cloth is aged 20 years or more

There are still more in the house which the daughter is still having hard time cleaning up her mother’s mess even after she passed away 3years. I’m sure that you can imagine how many stuff my grandm kept. I even once found something belongs to my great-great-grandpa’s pen holder. I washed it, but my dad thought it’s some cheap broken porcelain pen holder and so, he threw it away. Too bad, but still a great experience. And so, I named my aunt’s house the official home-belonging museum.