Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Love Money

I believe that no one would like be in control.

But has anyone ever thought that we’re already being controlled?

If we’re not in control of it, then how did you get here? Yes, I’m talking to whomever that is reading this. I meant how did you even have the opportunity to see my blog? You buy PC with money, buy food with money; you even have to buy your bed with money. Don’t tell me that you’re sleeping with the nature. Even I am sleeping on a bed bought with my parents’ hard earn money.

True, we’re all being controlled. No one force us to work to get money, but we’re willing to work for money because of only one urge that is called “greed” and “selfish”. Even I am working so that I can eat better food, dress better, sleeps better. So, it’s easy, I wanna control you- I provide you something useful for your live, nothing to do with god or nature or anyone else but for yourself. Even I am greedy and selfish.

Don’t wanna be in controlled? Think again