Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Fever Days

I got this terrible fever 2 days ago but I’m feeling much better now. I was like vomiting, heavy flu, sore throat. Ugh… which, fortunately didn’t kill me.

The western medi wasn’t really help much, so ma bought me some Chinese herbs, well, at least it stopped me from vomiting and I can actually drink water and luckily the herbs taste edible.

But I’m still on the Prospan Cough Syrup. And I’m still sneezing a lot. Can even feel my eyes and my veins are popping out every time I sneezed.

I am only allowed to eat very very tasteless food. (V, if you’re reading this, please don’t vomit in front of your labby.)

Hope that I can get well soon, so that I can join my hardly-meet-and-hang-out together frineds..T.T

I was almost bored to death. Yesterday, I was so bored that i forced Nat to play cards with me cause my mum wouldn’t allow me to go to the hall as she didn’t want me to get everyone infected….. again T.T


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