Tuesday, December 8, 2009


You know when you started working, you can’t expect much from your colleague, neither giving you a hand nor listening to your problems. And I am certainly aware of this very fact.

So when once I found that there is someone sincere, I’m gonna cherish them cause, everyone knows, it’s not easy.

I’m still kinda disappointed when I found out that Bea, is really changing. Even Mas couldn’t take the real fact till she got it on her own. The thing is Mas always back Bea up whenever there are people trying to backstab her.

Bea did talk to me about changing herself or being mean sometimes but I was totally not aware that she meant. And she is this mean for real this time.

All and all, we’ve talked about sincerity and….sigh…

Sometimes, I don’t even know that do we exist whenever Bea is on the phone with her hubby. I mean, I got hubby and Mas is married with a real hubby, we still got time for each of us, why not Bea.

Sometimes, things just don’t work your ways I guess..


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