Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Holiday with Joan & Sha

22nd December 2009
It's another year in Lunar Calendar. We're suppose to celebrate by having glutenous rice porridge. I don't know why Glutenous Rice but I know that we can't celebrate this is year's new year cause according to tradition, anyone's family member past away, we're not suppose to celebrate any festival for 1-3 years. Of course there's no need for us to do this cause grandms is a Christan but my mum insist. This is to show respect to those who past away in our way, the Taoist way.
Anyway, even though we did not celebrate doesn't mean we can't eat the Glutenous Rice. After me and ma took Xanthus to have his vaccination, we went to pray our beloved one then only we go Aunty Er to have our Porridge. It was really sweet.

At about 2.30pm, me and Sha depart to Penang. The journey was long as I drove 70km/hr. It didn't take us long to arrive, about 1.30hours. we arrived at about 5pm, Joanne meet us at GeorgeTown Tesco.
First, me, Sha and Joanne go for dinner then we meet up with Jun Ong. He's one of our high school classmate. He has got this funny way of walking, even when he's cleaning up the chalk board. And also, he's a shy guy. Jun Ong's hostel is about 30min from Joanne's. Actually, we've planned to go Gurney but Joan suggested something better. Well, visiting Hard Rock is pretty new for me. I'd never been there. It's located in Batu Ferringi, Penang. Pretty nice place but we did not have our drink there's, cause we four totally agree that we can't afford the beverage there and can do better stuff with the money. So, we took some photo cause that's all that we can afford. T.T broke dudes....

Later that, Joanne intro us a 180++cm guy named 'ahwei', no full name, just 'ahwei'. She took us for a karaoke session. We didn't pay anything at all. All we did is sing like crazy fuck. It got better the longer we stayed. I can't sing cause Nat said I'm tone death but WTH, I'm here to have fun. Even I'm still having sore throat now,still I enjoyed it cause that night was one hell screaming-tone-death-pitchless-enjoyable singing session.
We went back quite late that night and my habit of sleeping early is killing my brain softly. Can't stand staying up late night nowadays. And my night got worst by having allergic towards the alcohol. In the end, I didn't have a good night sleep cause my whole body was very itchy.