Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Service

I'm not Christian. But me and my family celebrates it. After 10 years of talking about getting a Christmas tree, eventually, we got it. We bought a lot of decos. So nice to have a Christmas tree. I was also thinking of cooking on Eve, something very Asian. Maybe some Thai Salad, bread crumbs fried chicken, garlic eggplant, Popiah and herbal soup. If mum can't give me a hand, I would certainly need Nat then.

This is the Tree.

So yesterday, Josephine invited us to her church. We missed the "Feast" when me and V arrive. I was really upset cause I totally forgot to have my dinner before that. When we arrive, my stomach is already growling.
Still, the Service was great, with then Christmas Carols.
We took some photos.
V was totally into the Service when the kids play the story of Christmas.
After that, we went to TS to meet Mir, Hez and Boi. And we played Uno. Mir is leaving on the 23rd. T.T