Tuesday, October 21, 2008

talk about morals? we got the best

They talked about races, Malays are slow, Indians are loser, and Chinese are the Richie. Most people believe that the Chinese are successful.

Chinese are indeed good in business, and most of them cheat, bribe, involve in illegal business. They become rich but they lose their moral values. They think that they are rich and people should respect them. Being rich represents their status.

Let’s just say, there’s a car accident, and someone is dying, he needs help immediately. Passers-by stop by and check out what happened. First person who will offer help is Malay, helped by Indians; everyone plays roles in this accident. Even the Chinese plays their best part, stand there watch the show and not offer any help, so that they don’t need to go police station for any statements and for sure, their car will be Safe and Clean. These happened a few times, only the Chinese that will stand aside and not helping anyone, watching people lie there, and die.

I was in a food court. Food court is meant for public. But the Chinese made rules for themselves. You sit in front of my stall; you need to order my food. You’re in the Chinese stall; you need to order Chinese food. This old man was in his 50s and still so stubborn. There was a few Chinese and Indians sit together and ordered drinks from Malay stall, and there come this old man, scold the customer like those uncivilized barbarians for ordering drinks from the Malay stall and not the Chinese stall. This old man is in his 50s and still so stubborn and uncivilized.

Even the Chinese teachers are like so selfish that they rather keep secrets of where their children went for tuition, than sharing it with their colleague. All because they don’t want the other teacher’s son become wiser than their children. How can these teachers be teaching us?

This comes down to the younger generation; students that have flying colours refuse to help others in their studies. All because they don’t want other people get better result than them. Why can’t they just be happy for them? Let’s say if you get B for English, but the one who you thought him in English gets an A, it means you who helped him achieve success and that makes you nothing but a winner. By the way, it’s not like you’re going to have a better live for getting A’s. If one doesn’t put an effort on what he has to do with his life, no point for the A’s.

And so this is part of the Chinese society, get rich and hold on your money till you die. Chinese people, live in their own lil world that is full of selfishness, greediness, arrogance. They think they have it all…..


V!MaL said...

Where is the stall? Scared ady. Better warn me so that i wont go there. Larut Matang? Bomba? Plaza?

emma [chan] Amarante said...

larut matang

shirley said...

Who's that old man? Which stall? Do I know that old man?