Sunday, October 12, 2008

worst kfc service

8th October was tiko’s birthday. We went to tesco kfc to celebrate it, and that was the worst kfc service I ever get. At first I already disagree to celebrate it at kfc but it’s the only thing we can afford. We went there in the end. We were kinda excited. And that’s when all the poor service thing happen.

I and nat went to order fisrt. I pick the snack plate and nat wants X-meal. When they serve the food I found out that they are giving a breast and a drumstick, and I, who always hated drumstick, asked the waiter named Suzwani politely, so that she can change the drumstick to breast for me, instead of giving me the smile, she gave me the rude face as if I’m asking too much, I was kinda shock and mad, of course.
She switches it for me in the end and say thank you. The ‘thank you’ is not gonna made up the look that you gave bitch! Ok, so I’m done with the waiter. I and my friends went to look for seats. The spaces were small, anyway, fuck that and let’s have a good time. Suddenly, in the middle of having our meal, one of the waiter who was given the job to clean up the table next to us, spilled the coke on nat’s foot and didn’t even apologize for that nor seems remorseful, big time jerk. Before this the floor already looked foot-printed-floor-mat. Now it’s a messy-watery-foot-printed-floor-mat and they still don’t want to clean it up. What if some innocent people slipped and fall? What if the fall makes the forever paralyze? They are so inconsiderate.

When tiko tried to call the waiter to ask where the ketchup is for me, those waiters just don’t give a damn, I don’t know if they are really having hearing-impaired or just don’t bother about it. That’s really pissed me off. What’s wrong with kfc? It’s an international food chain outlet, how could they just simply hire someone that is this low standard? Knowing only one language that is not even English is already considered inadequate because of the worldwide standard they have, but manner? How can they just hire some employees who don’t even know the basic manner?


V!MaL said...

I even saw cockroach there... Huhu...

shirley said...

KFC serve drumstick and breast so is worth it, to them lar. Once I ask for 2drumstick,the give me a smaller drumsticks. I rather choose McDonald's cause they really polite, good in manner and good service. Some their drive-thru so good in service and McDelivery good too. I like their McFlurry Oreo and Chicken McDeluxe. Delicious.