Tuesday, October 7, 2008

it's Raya!

Its’ Raya, and of course, I’m invited to join the open house. I only visit my friends’ open house on the third day of Hari Raya Puasa because mum decided to go kl to spend her and my holiday. Well, I would be glad to go see my sister but mum wants me drive my small lil tiny twinkly kancil to kl. And that of course is hard and freaks me out, at first. Anyway, we manage to arrive there in one piece.
Sis’s place is as cozy as usual but this time, there’s something new, DUST MITES!!! Sis had to dump her bed because of the dust mite. They found out when my brother-in-law was bitten by dust mite. They dumped the bed and bro got over with the bites, but I wasn’t that lucky. I got bitten by dust mites TOO! Sigh, at first it was just some small little bites, then spread over my body because of allergy, and gotten worst when I ate beef when I got home, and visit my friends. Now I’m having skin itchiness which I can never thought that I can be allergic to beef. Still scratching and typing……. All because of me being greedy, eat, eat,eat.
Though with the allergies, my Raya holiday wasn’t really that bad. I get to spend time with people that I love. But there’s one thing, I missed out Sha. She got too busy with her assignment…….


[ railway ] said...

i am so so so sorry baby...
that i cant make it to meet you sorry..