Saturday, December 13, 2008

a Women's Whisper

I had been always told that no men could understand a women’s pain. I thought I really understood that, but that was until my sis gave birth to her first child. Of course I didn’t get why she was so scared when she found out that her stitches were breaking. After I had a conversation with my mum, I now think I know exactly how she had felt. Well, almost. It’s because she has to stitch her wound all over again while she’s awake where she can feel the pain when the doctor is down there stitching.
Women have to go through menstrual pain from the age of 12-56. I once saw an article that said: a women’s PMS pain = a men’s penis got-kicked-pain. When women get pregnant, they’ll have to face the pain of giving birth, getting stitched up while still being half awake, and then there is the pain, for when she wakes up, there is the wounded vagina. Furthermore, she suffers the lack of sleep for she has to wake every 2 hours just to feed the baby. And that just the beginning for she does worry why the baby’s poop is is green even though it’s normal for a baby who still feeds on breast milk. Being anxious of what will the baby turns out to be when he grows up is an all time no-sleeper. But if a woman is not able to give birth, then her existence would no longer be appreciated or even cared.
One might think that a women’s life is not hard to bear with. But I believe a mum’s life is indeed very, very, very hard to bear with. Appreciate and love your mum today.


V!MaL said...


♥ Viv. said...

Good post. I think all men should appreciate how much shit women go through.


Nathy. said...

I think I understand..

♥ Viv. said...

You think you understand?
Ball-ripping pain, hello.