Monday, March 29, 2010

hang outs

Yesterday after watching ‘how to train your dragon’ which is fantastically cute. Today, we three, me, Sha and Joan had our dinner at the Tops restaurant.

It was pretty ‘fun’. Joanne ordered a cheese toast and Korean vege which I had to feed her the first bite of the toast so that she’ll know that her toast is here cause she was indulging too much of herself into the note. Sha ordered a peanut butter toast, and it was so sticky. Seriously never seen any peanut butter toast which can be this sticky.

I ordered small pot of rice and a bowl of spicy dumpling soup. It was filling. After me and Sha finished our food, only comes Joanne to finish her tasty cheese toast and trying to stuff the Korean vege into her mouth cause it was awful. The vege tasted as in it was soaked into washing powder for days. Like eating Clorox in solid form.

It was so fun that sha and joan only realize the existence of their note...

T.T We’re invisible to each other….

Our night ended at about 10.30 after 'the Gir's' chit chat.


Joann {anne} Ed said...

I miss those day tat stick with u and sha~~T.T~~...miss u guys so much....

emma [chan] Amarante said...

I miss you toO! T.T