Thursday, November 13, 2008

IMHO (meticulous)

‘Can you be more sensitive?’, ‘can you not be that sensitive?’, ‘I want you to be sensitive, not over react!’, ‘why are you so sensitive?’
These are the common arguments that happen in relationships, which are also factors that drive men around. That’s when men start to think that women are complicated. Out of 10 men, 3 men understand the ‘sensitive’ word that women meant. Basically, they don’t even know if they understand what women really want. They are either born with such a gift or influenced by their surroundings.
Some men think that crying is being sensitive. That, however, happens when they get too emotional over every single detail. Men find women hard to please. Some men think that women are just good at expressing their emotional problems while guys just keep it because of their egoism. There are some men who have lots of misunderstandings about women sensitivity, being impractical and affecting the man’s life. Still there are some that succeed in pleasing or understanding women’s needs but the majority are plain failures.
Now, what does ‘sensitive’ in a woman’s understanding mean? Becoming emotional? Being extra meticulous? Or be more complicated? Actually, we girls messed up. Sorry for that, for the ‘sensitive’ they meant is actually being ‘meticulous’.
Let’s say one fine day, Nat and I go for a date. I think that my outfit is nice and Nat thinks that I look great too, but I still want to make sure that I look prefect, so I ask Nat: ”Nat, how do I look?” and he turn his head, takes a look and nods, and says: ” Nice, don’t worry, you look fine.” He turns his head away, and that’s the end of the discussion.
Second day, I think my outfit is nice but Nat thinks that it’s not suitable for me. So, I ask:” Nat, how do I look in my outfit?” He took a look, wrinkled his forehead a lil, hesitated for a second, acted dumb a while, smiled and said:” yeah, you look nice…….” He then turns his head away, took a second look, thinking whether what he said was correct or not.
I communicate with Nat by observing the languages that he uses. These languages include body language, expressions, words, phrases etc of which are also known as the common things that everyone uses in communication. Most women find it easy to know what a guy is up to because they are meticulous. And if she answers you that she doesn’t know what you want or she gives you the innocent face as if she couldn’t understand at all, well, don’t get fooled you men. Out of 10 women, 9 understand what you men want. And that leaves one to be left, and this might be because she’s not exposed to men. Women read men’s language. Men only listen to women’s language.
To find out if these women are the 9 or the only 1 left, you just need to notice their body language, expressions, and every common thing that was stated just now. It is almost like an auxiliary language, where you can know more about things that she really expresses then by just telling you what she has to tell you. Women tend to make everything so complicated because they know men want them; they make it hard for them so that they can’t get them. That’s why guys always get confused with girl’s ‘no!’ Sometimes the cliché ‘no’ might mean ‘yes’ and sometimes ‘no’ really means ‘no’.
Alright, I admit it; women are indeed complicated. They just want to make sure that the guy who wants her is really putting an effort to make that relationship last. Women are serious when it comes to true love. They want to marry the guy they love. So, to make sure that the guy is Mr. Right, they make things hard and hoping their men will treasure them after so much trouble.


V!MaL said...

Kinda deep. What does IMHO stand for?

Nathy. said...

IMHO is in my honest opinion..