Monday, November 10, 2008


I was chatting with V the other day, and I thought that I should blog about my shoes too, since I love shoes so much.

When I was a kid, I didn’t have any flip-flops or sandals. Mum thought that it wasn’t safe to wear revealing shoes because we might hurt our foot. And so, I didn’t have any flops until I was 14 where I got to buy my own flops. That was also because I found out the fact that no one wears shoes to beach. I got used to wearing shoes that I felt so insecure wearing something so revealing. I still remember the first sandals that I ever bought had a bohemian look alike. It lasted only for a few months. The second one was something like the first one too, but this one was expensive from Sembonia. I didn’t even know why I would want to buy a fifty bucks sandal. But this one lasted me for 1 year. My third one was from Bata. This one lasted me a good 18 months before Midknight found out that I bought new flops and he too decided to give me a hand to evacuate my old Bata. My fourth flop didn’t last long too. Midknight got so angry that we left him and went on holiday to KL, that he took revenge on my new flops, mum’s shoes and dad’s 200 bucks shoes. He never bit any shoes before; but I guess he was just really pissed. Anyway, my recent flops which are in the photo cost me 8 bucks and are still looking nice no matter how I abuse it.

There are so many memorable events that happened to me when I wear these shoes, and every pair of shoe has their own different story; which is too much to tell. The important thing is that I love them all.


V!MaL said...

Wow... Love ur shoes...

Nathy. said...

lotsa nice shoes honey..