Thursday, November 13, 2008

Respond to V’s quest

I did some survey and it shows that when it comes to outfit, men are more branded. They care for the quality and also the showing-off part. It’s like those materialistic women.

As we all know, men don’t have much choice like women do. Men can only choose long sleeves or t-shirt, jeans or slacks, flops or shoes. Obviously there’s not much to display. For a girl that is conscious about what she wears, she can show it off by having pretty dresses and make-ups. Even if she does not have branded clothes to put on, she still can looks attractive after dressing herself up, at least.

But guys can’t just put make up on whenever they need something to freshen themselves up. They have to either change a new shirt or……. Urm…. I think they can only change…..

So, V, guys don’t think that men who are obsessed with shoes are gay. All of them do the same thing. It’s just that they don’t have a collection like us because their shoes are too expensive for them to afford that many pairs.


V!MaL said...

Hhmm... Wat if ppl prefer quantity rather than quality like yours truly?

emma [chan] Amarante said...

very few guys prefer quantity. even there is, they don't find it a problem.they are fine with it