Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lil Town with Lil Minds

Okay let’s face it. This is Taiping. It’s a small town and it’s old. I want to talk about this town which I grew up in. a dark side of it. Well everything on this earth has dark sides or setbacks as we all say and know. The last time I had encountered a conservative person wasn’t too long ago. Yes, I repeat conservative. I want to talk about the conservative mentality of this little town, where the residents have a very narrow mindset on various issues, deemed sensitive, and so called inappropriate for speech. These people are an annoying array. They live on obnoxious and outdated traditions, and ponder on many unreasonable moralistic issues not suitable for our time and place.

I have come across many, of the younger generation who have fallen prey to this conservativeness, mainly from the older generation. The younger ones try to flaunt themselves by adding new style in terms of speech, dressing and activities. The conservativeness of the town does not allow that to happen, and constantly criticize these acts. There is a clear line between the open and the closed. My first hand encounter with the brunt of the situation would be an issue may fail to express. It is an issue considered taboo towards many. It is the issue of premarital sex.

Why do some girls act as if they hate sex when it’s so obvious that they do not and they are totally not a virgin? They tell everyone that they are indeed virgin or might even let people know that they are very innocent.

Friends told me that it’s because these girls don’t want to let guys think that they are bitches or sluts or so they said. The more you hide the worst it will get to, and this is what I learned. We don’t need to act as if we are open minded or try to hide it. If one can’t take that we’re not a virgin, let it be.

This is what I face in my hometown where people have their own thoughts. They can not take the fact that someone had sex before marriage. This is what my friend experienced, where she got caught red handed making out with someone and now, her mum thinks that she’s a disgrace and a good for nothing daughter. This thing could have been just talked over if parents can accept the fact. But certainly, parents can’t take it. My friend eventually felt so bad with her mum constantly torturing her mentally that it led her to attempt suicide. What could she do? Nothing, and wait to get tortured…… Why can’t parents accept the fact that their daughters are not a virgin?

But why does it seem fine when they find out their sons, having sex with girls?


Nathy. said...


Anonymous said... mum would still kill me...although i'm a guy

emma [chan] Amarante said...

kill you for what?

Rae said...

Well deary, you find that thinking exisiting even in a big city like KL. Sometimes even among people/peers, its okay for guys to sleep with all their ex's or many many girls, but girls who sleep around are considered easy, sluts.. etcetc.

Society is built on these mentalities, and women tend to keep quiet all the time causing it to grow.

emma [chan] Amarante said...

i agree with you rae

britney said...

if you can't take it, just shut the fuck up.

by the way, i'm britney bitch

britney said...

I'm so sorry for trashing your blog. I admit I'm a total loser. Please forgive me.

It's britney bitch