Wednesday, September 3, 2008

my hometown

Ignorance, selfishness – are these just human nature?
Blinded by substance and force the abundant Mother Nature to give in, everything.
Animals’ habitat, greens and fertilized land are vanishing.
This little fellow used to have a home called jungle and so he thought it's a safe place.

It's no more a hiding place, habitat for the next generation.
Human ruined it, i, human, ruined it. greedy, crave for money, material. this is a disaster that can not be fixed.
this creature is now homeless, watching it's own home vanishes from it's eyes. it's helpless and no one give a fuck to help him.

nice mall people?
but do you know how much lives have sacrificed for this land? just because we want some entertainment, classy live style.

we human are just so sad. creating happiness by putting grievances on the other innocent creature. human are pathetic, i'm pathetic.