Wednesday, September 3, 2008


V is a funny friend of mine. he's kinda drama king. you can find every expression on his face, from up to down.

lately, he's having a trouble - a cursed essay.
it's an essay about "what merdeka means to me"
well, he was thrilled and over wise of writing this essay. everything is true about his life, he got everything he wants. he wrote about almost everything, including me.
after he passed up his essay, everything seems to be freaky.
he first wrote about his computer, and his computer were knocked down, even though V treats his pc really well, as in hugging and kissing. obviously, his pc does not appreciate his owner's good deed. and it just shut down. it was freaky. V almost gone out his mind.
next, his motorbike.

last saturday, he was riding and fantasing and i surely don't want to know what's on his mind. so, he was taken away by his mind, and 'bang', he hit a motorbike in front of him. it was not a serious accident, just that V was riding slow anyway. but his kinda hurt his bike. it'll be fine.
but V don't think the same, he was freaked out. the next on his essay list is his mobile phone and i'm in too. he went to see the teacher to get back his essay just so that he can save his life and everyone around him.

i'm not sure if he gets it or not, just that i know he had coolen down rather than looking like a psycho like that day when he found out about the cursed essay. good for him....


V!MaL said...

Huhu... The pic huhu...