Monday, September 1, 2008

that's not the true

I was talking how sidekick I am, and I found out that I have my own fan club and I don’t even know I have one. It’s like everyone is talking about me and I’m like “huh, who are they?”
It seems that everyone knows about emma, everyone will be like “oh, emma…..”, “yaya, emma from bm class”, “hey, you know…..emma…?”
I mean I don’t even know their names neither existence. I’m starting to think “is it just me that never notice people and think that no one notices me too” and it’s freaky. I don’t want to get popular anymore. They are stalking my life, stalkers, nerds, and freak-o!
They are so weird that they think what I’m wearing is cool, I mean sexy –yeah but cool??? I totally forgot what V told me about my style, I guess it’s because it’s a soft language that makes it sounds better. I just simply grab a cloth; I don’t even consider it a clothes and wear. But these stalkers are like saying that it’s nice. It’s obviously that they have problem with the creativity part. I’m sorry fan club but it’s just wrong.
They even know who I’m dating and where he’s from and where I come from or where I used to study. They know more than my friends know about me. A minute I was craving for popularity and a minute after, it’s just totally wrong. And it’s just a tip or iceberg, how can those celebrities live like this, with stalkers everywhere. I can’t even take it when people are like knowing me and all I can say is “huh”, “who”, where”, “why” and the famous emma quote “ I don’t know”. that’s sad… this is just wrong
I should have just pay attention on people other complaining my life. I’m a jerk. Screw you, emma! Huh, I’m confused. Why am I even scolding myself?


V!MaL said...

In soft language ur style is called "casual chic". All those hours of Project Runway really paid off. lol. They r not ur stalkers la. They r ur admirers n as u said, ur fanclub. lol. I wonder whom r u referring to by stalker... hehe