Friday, September 19, 2008

15th september

Lantern festival just passed. It’s my second year not celebrating with sha but I get to celebrate with joan.

On lantern festival night, I invited few of my friends to join me on my lantern eve. We chill, it was kinda cool. We chatted and have fun gossiping about people. I still don’t know what they think about my salad and certainly don’t want to know. I can’t take the fact that my salad taste like rabbit eating carrot. Like I always do, eat nutritious food. Even V said that he feel nauseous when he see what I brought to school for recess, he said I’m a grandma.

Anyway, even though I didn’t get the chance to celebrate with sha, I still have Joan and V. it wasn’t so bad after all. Hope can hang out more often and boost about something…..


V!MaL said...

I already told u wat i thot of ur dinner salad la. At first i thot u put onion skin inside. lol. Later i thot it was nice. Better than ur skool salad... Coz u didnt put capsicum. I hate the C word....