Friday, September 19, 2008

dedicated to Sha

This was not what I’m suppose write. I’m supposed to write something about fantasy, something about why I took this photo, and I forgot, as usual. I forget almost everything almost every second. I think this is also one of the reasons why I blog, helps me to recall incident easily I guess.
If not mistaken, I think I took this photo early 2007. After my secondary graduation, I went to Penang work for awhile with Sha. The time was short but everything is absolutely memorable, nostalgia….
We had the life like we dream. We worked and traveled together. Like what teenagers do, explore. We didn’t give much attention to everything around us. We just live in our own world. That’s probably sounded sad to everyone. For me, it’s just something that not everyone can experience it.
Who can ever understand every single step and word that is going to fall out? Your soul mate.
Sha knows me more than I know myself. No one can replace you, not even sharing same place with you, sha. Not even nat. I might be going to live the rest of my life with him, dedicating my life to him and my family, but do you know that you’re in my family list too?
Don’t feel jealous about him. If he can take your place, then we wouldn’t have last this long. It’ll be piece of cake for something to ditch you out of my life. And if I were to be like that easy to get rid of you, than Sha, there’s no point for you to treasure our friendship. Of course I’ll be nat nat nat all the time, we just started dating, and even you do that.
Until now I still hope that our time can never end. I can just spend time with you like what we did when we’re in high school. I have fun times every time I’m with you. Even when we got nothing to talk about, I enjoy your silent company, which makes me feel comfortable.
Did I tell you that I feel comfortable with you in anytime, anywhere?


[ railway ] said...

well, i don't know what's the problem that i had now. i really dont know why i will be that frusssssssss, sigh, maybe my assignment or maybe is nothing, jz myself is giving me presure. i dont know. dude, i know i am so going wrong now, but i will stand up again. no sweat, no sweat.