Monday, September 8, 2008

i loved hualian

As I step into my former school, I felt anxiety, happiness. I left my school for two years. The name board is well maintained, there’s renovation for buildings. They look new and fine from the gate I stood.
Suddenly there was a striking seen and still is striking, the plants!! There’s bonsai everywhere! It used to be simply yet elegant and clean, there were only trees and totally short grass but not bold land, in every single compound and every one of them are kept in order. It was used to be fine in every sense. But everything changed now; they simply stuff every alive plant as many as possible. There’s tree here, flower there, leaf everywhere and grass like messy hair. It’s like the school is lack of oxygen and someone must have suffocated from it and complained about it, that’s why they are turning the school into jungle. Or maybe the authorities think its better air, better knowledge? But whoever comes up with the idea of turning simple designed school into jungle theme park, well, curse YOU! YOU CREATIVITY-IMPAIRRED-HUMAN!!
There are even pots with cement to stick the flag in it. The pots are brown with grey cement and it a combination of dirty color. They arranged it all along the side of the road where teacher used to park cars there. Even the cars look nicer than those dirty-potted-flag. It’s an irrespective master piece; it looks like they can’t afford anything nicer, so they simply stick it into a bloody pot with cement. It’s a disgrace to Malaysia flag! What’s the point of putting the flag up to celebrate International Day when you’re humiliating your own country’s flag? I’m confused.
I can’t stand anymore, the longer I stay, the chances of me getting vision impaired, losing hair and permanent-disable-voice-box is pretty much high. So, I leave my loved school as soon as I grab my SPM cert, I ran, and ran for the sake of my life for I don’t want to get infected.