Saturday, August 16, 2008


Why do some girls act as if they hate sex when it’s so obvious that they are not and they are totally not a virgin? They tell everyone that they are virgin or maybe let people know that they are very inscient.
Friends told me that it’s because these girls don’t want to let guys think they are bitches or sluts or so it was said. The more you hide the worst things will get to, this is what I learned. We don’t need to act as if we’re open minded or hide it, if one can’t take that we’re not a virgin, then just let it be.
This is what I faced in my hometown, people have their own thought. They can not take the fact that someone has sex before marry. This is what my friend experience, where she got caught red handed making out with someone and now, her mum think that she’s disgrace and good for nothing daughter. This thing could have just talked out if parents can accept the fact. But certainly parents couldn’t have take it, so my friend felt so bad with her mum torturing her mentally that it leads her to suicide temptation. What should she do? Nothing and wait to get torture…… Why can’t parents accept the fact that their daughters are not a virgin?
But why it seems fine when they found out that their son are having sex with girls?