Tuesday, July 22, 2008

22th july 2008

It’s two in the morning and I still can’t sleep because of the tea. But thanks to the tea, I’d recover from constantly rising fever, unstoppable flu and killing-me cough.
Sha just broke up with her boyfriend, from unstoppable weep to unstoppable crazy thoughts; she can’t wait to come back see me, of course. It’s her semester break! Who can ever live without emma the unlivable friend?! She has to come back see me; we got lots of things to share.
It’s been almost ten years, and we’re still talking like a ‘chicken butt’ when we see each other. The weird thing is, we sometimes hate to talk to each other so much that we prefer to just shut the fuck up and enjoy each other’s company; and everyone will think that we’re just the cool friend. They have no idea how much craps we talk about; maybe this is what we called neutral. Sometimes cool, sometimes hot. Yeah…..
It’s rather funny to talk about how we met, we were big time enemy that end up being big time best buddies? This is a true story people! It’s not some series on television!
I’m just glad that we can keep this relationship on even when we’re apart.