Tuesday, July 22, 2008

negative beats positive?

In my life, I met pessimist more than optimist. These people like to grief about their life, saying “I hate my life”, “life sucks”, “life is boring” and so on. Human are more too pessimistic.
Define pessimist, people who always expect bad things happen in the future or a situation that will have a bad result. This is what most people do, even I, who think that I’m optimistic will sometimes have this kind of thought. For example, sometimes when I want to tell someone about something, the first reaction I could think of is ‘the bad’, ‘the long ’, ‘the pissed’, ‘the freak out’ faces, every possible none optimistic face.
Say if you want to tell someone that you admire them or you wants to ask them on a date, the first thing you’ll think of is – will he freak out? You’ll be worry about what is going to happen next, thinking about the same thing all night long, wondering the freak out face that he or she is going to show you. That sounds stupid to you when some one told you that they did that. But when it happens to you, you will think that this is a different situation.
Well, that’s what most people think….
Enough with the merry-go-around, what I’m trying to tell is I hate people telling others that they hate their life, their life fucked them up, they give up their life. It’s not that my life is great or fantastic; I just never get fed up with my life. Maybe it’s because of their surroundings, people they mingle with, but even these pessimists make friends with optimists, the chances of pessimists get influenced by optimists is really low. They intend to stay in their sad world. Sad to hear….
Some people will think that I don’t know how much they suffer, why they would think of suicide. They think that no one understand how they feel. I have been through that, I’d once thought of suicide cause of my family problems. I was so close to stop my pulse. It was then I thought of people who really love me. No matter how hard I got the pressure from my parents, still, this is not the way to neither make them happy nor solve my problems. I will die of regrets, leaving – my parents, sad, of all these years of love and dedication; wasted, my friends – sad too, trying to figure out why I killed myself and lost a real true friend who can actually understand their thoughts ( trust me ), my pets – wondering where their lovable owner gone ….. I have to say, that I’m kind of proud to have all these people grieving for my death, still, I’m not going to kill myself.
The point is, I just hope that people can actually enjoy their life, even with obstacle, cause that’s what makes life more meaningful. Until the end, what you get is not just materially rich, but rich in experience, outlook, love, care, happiness, all the valuable perception that you can bring to after life. Because we all know that we can’t bring money to after life but the feeling is always there in the heart.