Sunday, June 29, 2008

why they wanna know?

As I watch a movie, people talk about whores or being paid for sleep, I just found out that those guys that they are talking about; did never care of how many times the girl had sex before. They just fall in love and fuck or just one night stand.
Not that I’m saying that they are open minded, they just don’t care much. They don’t have all the fuss to know about whom are you having sex with or how many guys you have fucked or how good those guys are or comparing themselves with them or how big the size is. Ok, so maybe this all just in movie, maybe guys in some places do care how many guys a girl had fucked, who know….
One thing for sure is guys tend to ask how many guys you’d fucked and have you done any medical check up, they care if you’re having a lily-blossom-vagina or not having a pink like vagina (virgin pussy or they thought so), they care that you’re not shaved, they care that you don’t give them a head, they care that you’re 3som with two guys (and they think it’s fine for them to do it with two girls), they care and care; they just want girls do as they like. So maybe the medical thing is for safety but what about the others? They bug and being selfish, still, think that they are right.
The conclusion is guys like to fuck a perfect vagina? Would it be what they want? How come they never ask girls what they want? All they could think about is just fuck, get high and cum. Guys that I fucked tend to think they are so great and they think they carry big thing but why do they still want to compare themselves with others? They answered me that they just want to know how to improve and it seriously sounds sarcastic.
For me, what a guy needs most is confident, it beats everything. It’s more than having a big cock. Some guys who really have big stuff don’t have the tactics to show it off, so what’s the point? Somehow, guys tend to get the wrong idea of confidence and egoistic.
Still I wonder why guys want to know our past sex life.