Sunday, June 29, 2008

normal vs weird

Of all this time, now I know that the one that is acting childish is me. I bug people a lot; sometimes I actually forgot that it was the kind of people that I hate most. Everyday we talk about how someone behaves and how we hate them behaving like that. It seems that everyone thinks they are normal, everyone judges people from top to toe; from inside to outside, sometimes it’s not true, sometimes is too real to be true.
Sometimes they actually think that they are the best, unlike some people who behave like bla-bla-bla…. Would they ever know that they too, are one of the none-normal people? Would they ever realize that? When it’s questioned, they actually don’t know how to answer, after recalling what they said they hate and what they’d done, are actually similar to what they hate, just that it happens in another way. Indeed, this sounds ironic but this is reality.
So are we normal?