Tuesday, November 4, 2008

global warming is heating Maxwell up


This morning, I went to Maxwell hill with Nat and it’s so hot that I get sunburn. Maxwell used to be cooling; it can be cold until you can see your breath. Well, that is what my mum told me about her old time, where Taiping is such a cooling place that, every morning when she goes to school, she can see her breath. Maxwell was well known for its weather, and flora and fauna. But that was all past, since global warming, everything seems to be warming up. Even the coolest place in Malaysia, Genting Highland can make me sweat too. And this is all because of human’s “ways of develop”. Sadly, Maxwell, Genting, Cameran etc, all these cooling and nice places are warming up, and we cannot enjoy the cool breeze and fresh air anymore……

Anyway, we still manage to take some photo.