Thursday, September 4, 2008

opss 17th august 2008

i was so thrilled with the installation that i forgot to write it down.
now, i'm going to complete it.

it was not a grand ball neither dinner. but i was enough for me.
i did not expect much cause this is just a small town. on that day, i was really anxious. it's our first and official date. don't wanna ruin. i get my best cheap dress, cheap as in cheap-cheap. luckily i did not realize about it until my friend ask about my outfit cause if i did, i would not have walk so proud and confident.

anyway, nat arrived in his best suit just not complete cause he was in a rush. he took me and my friend to the dinner.
that night was brilliant, romantic in my own way.
everything just went with the flow, it was nice, until now, it's still fresh in my mind. can't really write much about it in this blog or anything, because what i experienced is more than any word can describe. everything just so perfect, like those fairy tales that no one wants an ending for it.