Thursday, July 3, 2008


Slut, this word defines unconventional women. This means women who fuck with anyone and do whatever they like. They were more degrading than whores, whores get paid, and sluts don’t.
What about men? What do we call a man who fuck with anyone and do whatever they like? Why women get to call slut and men don’t?
Even we’re in 21st century, women discrimination never ends. It starts from Stone Age to an advanced global.
There are issues of candidates were disqualified because they are women. Most of the societies have these common opinions – women duties are: stay home, take care of the whole family, do whatever the husband wish for; or should I say ‘be a slave of the family’. These people think that women can not be as capable as men do. This view had made women sometimes give up and some have to put extra effort on what they’re trying to achieve.
Women are seen to be a weak society after kids, victims of abusive and rapist. Mostly these victims remain silence after they’ve encounter such unfortunate. What make those victims remain such unworthy silence? Is it because they were lacked of concerned of their family? Or, is it because they were lacked of self-protect education?
It seems that women need protection, but did they get the protection that they really need?