Thursday, July 3, 2008

on second thought

I always thought I’m in some happy family that everyone envied and I always told Sha that if anything goes wrong between you and your family, just go and talk to them, I’m sure they’ll listen cause before the years, my parents were a good listeners’. I never been in her shoe, I don’t know how she felt at that time. In the end, she did talk to her parents to solve things out. Now, I have to say that I think that I’m becoming a loser who knows how to advice. I have family problems like no one else. I get tension from it like no one else too. When I thought of what I said to Sha, maybe it wasn’t really that hard to talk to parents. Indeed, I was hard cause parents are different and they sometimes can change too. I just need them to hear my opinion, maybe just by listen will do. Whenever I propose a suggestion, or how I felt, a shoot back is what I get. I know every parent have different thoughts but why can they just be more tolerate? Harsh words comes from a stranger hurt almost nothing, harsh words come from a friend might hurt a bit but never did leave a scar, but harsh words comes from parents make you feels like your heart broke into thousand pieces of glass. When people asked them to do them a favor, they’ll give it a hand without hesitating. When their own children ask favors from them, it’ll be something like no respect or bossy. I wonder where they got that kind of idea. As I was saying, parents are indeed as dramatic as a poser.