Thursday, July 3, 2008

2008 christmas

It is fun to meet new friends, friends that are a free thinker, open minded.
I met these friends on Christmas, and their first impression to me is - not the kind that you should make friends with. Ya, it wasn't a good impression 'cause they smoke, i think.... Maybe i stick too much with 'bad' smoker, that i never thought that there could be a 'holly' smoker. It's not like their so holly, that they talk holly or be holly; they just have the holly hearts and thought. They're not fakers.
These friends have their thoughts: we don't need to act holly just so that people know we're holly. That's the kinda true friend i say, no scripts, no act, no judgement; just frank thought and talk; and they think that we should be thankful no matter you're poverty stricken or fully loaded.
Also these friends... well,
they don't talk looking at your boobs when you're wearing something with less cloth. Usually guys that i know, they"ll be stunted and have no idea what are they talking and act cool.
Anyway, it's fun to make new friends.