Thursday, July 3, 2008


1/2/08 7.45pm is an unforgettable day, it is neither something nice to remembered nor mention.
Dad decided to go and have some outside food. We were well prepared, and ready to set out. When I arrived to a fork in the road, the sky was already turning dark; just like others driver, I check the road. It was the last check when everything went wrong. I pass to the opposite right hand-side of the road; suddenly mum shouted to warn me there’s a motor coming, but it was already too late. I can’t even see where the motor came from, there’s not sign of it as the motorist didn’t turn on the light and he came with a lightning, everything was unpredictable.
I can still remember the moment he hit the side of my car, I only saw him when he was going to hit me. I turned when he hit my side; still I can feel glasses smashed on my face and hand, thousand pieces of glasses falling from my head. There were pieces stick on my face and I can taste the blood on lips.
Mum and dad are not hurt. We got down from the car, there was an Indian guy lying on the road suffering, wailing. His helmet flew away, his lost quarter of his face and his entire tooth. When he tried to get up, his head’s blood was flowing like a pipe. There were police everywhere, we were asked to go to hospital and lodge a report at the traffic department.
Mum and I went to hospital before the Indian’s family came. At the hospital I can still hear him crying bitterly.
After everything was settled, mum and I went back and took a good night sleep. This morning I got up, I still can feel there are pieces of glasses in my mouth.